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Jack Cafferty – Partisan Biased Ass

Posted by cann0nba11 on April 30, 2009

CNN blow hard Jack Cafferty has crossed a line, in my humble yet loud opinion. Read this short little essay, or just enjoy a few Liberal nuggets from his diatribe:

  • Nobody is interested anymore, Mr. Vice President. You and your gaggle of miscreants had your shot, and we are in the toilet because of it. Don’t you get it?”
  • “{bush] more than doubled the national debt in eight years and gave $700 billion to its buddies on Wall Street, no questions asked. You’re a little short on credibility when it comes to the economy, don’t you think?”
  • “[The Bush Administration] authorized the United States of America to behave like some Third World gang of hoodlums like the Taliban or al Qaeda.”
  • [on Dick Cheney] “Now our reputation is shot, we are bankrupt, we continue to fight two wars that you started and the economy is in the worst recession since the Great Depression. And you have the temerity to go around criticizing those who replaced you? How dare you?”

HOW DARE YOU Mr. Cafferty? How dare you! Maybe you haven’t noticed due to your apparent love for the quality news sources and research espoused by Keith Olberdork, but Americans do not behead, break bones, cut skin, remove body parts, stone to death or shoot people in the back. How dare YOU, Mr. Cafferty, compare our troops to Al Qaeda/Taliban. Have you been spending some quality time with Jack Murtha ripping our soldiers and getting your egregious lies in sync? You have seriously crossed a line by comparing our troops to our enemies.

You have done nothing more in this article but propagate the Left mantra: I know I am just one of those crazy conservative potential terrorists, but let me set you straight, if that is even possible.

  1. Bush did not create this economic situation. It started long ago thanks to Carter and bad loans. Clinton made it worse. Bush tried to blow the whistle but was blocked by Frank, Dodd, et al. Don’t YOU get it Jack? Apparently not.
  2. Yes, Bush doubled the debt. But if you look at the numbers our economy was growing and debt was decreasing, until the bailouts that most Americans opposed were made. Even then, President Obama has since quadrupled our debt and the long term ramifications are even worse. $700M is a bargain these days in an Obama Nation.
  3. How dare YOU, Mr. Cafferty, compare our troops that have kept your misinformed and wildly partisan ass safe for the past eight years to Al Qaeda!

This article from Mr. Jack Cafferty has motivated me to create a new award. Olbermann has his “Worst Person in the World,” “O’Reilly has “Patriots and Pin Heads.” I’m jumping into the fray and am proud to announce the Loud Talker’s Jack-Ass Of The Week. Congratulations Jack, you’ve earned your namesake.


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