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Review: The Obama 100 Days Tour

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 1, 2009

What a great evening!

Tonight the wife and I attended the “Obama – The First 100 Days Tour” in San Antonio, TX. We purchased the VIP tickets which were certainly worth the money. There were probably 100 or so people in the VIP group and we all had plenty of access both before and after the main event. This was the third night of this twelve stop tour, if they are making an appearance anywhere near you I encourage you to attend. Click here for ticket information.

I first met Michael Medved. He was gracious, quiet, yet very engaging. I thanked him for his excellent work and praised his commendable grasp of history (you do NOT want to get into a debate with him… he knows his stuff). I told him that he, among many others, had inspired me to take action and get involved in politics. I recently started reading his book “Right Turns” and referred to something he wrote about on page 120. As a student at Yale in the late 1960s he peacefully protested the Vietnam War. At one point he created a very basic button that became very popular. It was dark blue with a single word as follows:

I suggested to him that it might be time to resurrect this icon from his past. He paused, and said very sincerely, “I think that’s a great idea.” Whether or not he does so, I’m glad to have reminded him of this blast from the past. I hope that he does bring it back though, because this single word is so very appropriate today. I gushingly thanked him again for his work and probably talked too much and too fast to make a positive lasting impression. But, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to shake his hand.

I then spoke with spokesperson and Cleveland Brown fan Hugh Hewitt. He circled the room to meet people and was energetic and sincere with every person that he spoke with. When he made it to me he commented on my Patriots jersey and gave me crap about Bill Belichik (a former Brown coach that went on to much bigger and better things with the Patriots). During the main event, Hugh made my day, no, my month, by asking during the round table, “where’s the guy in the Patriots jersey… stand up.” He then used me as an example of what we the people can do, then asked me to tell the audience about PLUG: 1,000 direct marketing hits. Several people came up to me after the show and asked for the URL again, which I gladly provided. I also was able to get a short video endorsement from him, which I will put online soon. Hugh, if you ever find this page, THANK YOU for helping out the little guy! You are a scholar and a gentleman, even if you do support the Browns. 😉

Last, but not least, was my meeting with Dr. Bill Bennett. I have the utmost respect for his knowledge of history, his vocabulary, and after seeing him tonight, his disarming sense of humor. I asked Dr. Bennett “to control a country it helps to control the press/media. What can we do to regain control of our media or to mitigate its negative effects on our political system.” Without hesitation he told me that the vast majority of politics is still quite local: schools, churches, town meetings, etc. He said we need to keep spreading the word to our local peers and let it trickle up (I’m paraphrasing). I told him about my show and thanked him for his work. He autographed my copy of his book “The American Patriots Almanac” which I suggest to anyone interested in American history.

After the nearly 90-minute meet & greet we took our seats. Sue got us seats in the second row and I snapped several pictures and captures several low-quality videos. It was a question and answer format and, unlike an Obama press conference, all of the questions were pertinent. The three scholars took turns answering questions and provided many great anecdotes. They spoke very candidly and were truly engaging. Before I knew it they were wrapping it up.

Bennett stole the show with his humor (his impersonation of Bob Dole comes to mind), and Medved offered I thought the deepest answers, especially when discussing Israel, from which he recently returned after a month-long trip there to deal with the death of his father. (Note to any terrorists reading this: Israel has no intention or desire of expanding its territory. Israeli soldiers are ready to die for their country, but all truly desire is peace.) Hewitt was equally entertaining… all three were a joy to listen to.

My takeaway for the night: America is the greatest country in the world. Americans are strong and passionate, and we will overcome anyting thrown at us. We have been through much darker times, but we can’t let people forget that hate-filled radicals massacred thousands of innocent people and they must be dealt with. While President Obama and both parties have made many mistakes, we, as a country, need to come together. Conservatives need to be positive, not angry, a concept that will be very hard for me to pursue. But I will try. So, going forward, please dont confuse my rapid speech or passionate diatribes as anger. The whole reason I am blogging and talking on the Internet is to educate as many people as possible about the facts of our current situation. By pointing out the distortions, by correcting the lies, and by blowing away the fog of celebrity I think I can make a difference. So can you.


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    Great post; great night; great minds; and what a great time to be Us.

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