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Stop Straight Hate

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 1, 2009

Carrie Prejean, a.k.a. Miss California 20o9, is being blasted by the left for her polite on-the-spot answer saying that she believes marriage is between a man and a woman. Perez Hilton, the flamboyantly gay Miss USA judge that asked this entirely inappropriate question and started the firestorm, called Prejean a “dumb bitch” in his video blog tirade after the pageant and has yet to receive any negative press. Miss CA may lose her title over expressing her opinion.

Funny thing: her opinion on this issue is the same as that of President Obama. Why didn’t the left explode over the issue then? Because they are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical jack-asses that care more about hearing their own heads rattle than they do about the issues. The double-standard and wanton hypocrisy is mind boggling.

Remember when Liberals cared about Free Speech? Isnt this supposed to be the inclusive party of diverse thought (according to Nancy Pelosi)? Why isn’t the ACLU defending Ms. Pregean’s constitutional right to free speech? Why isn’t her public humiliation by the left-leaning media justification for a hate crime? After all, she is being lambasted for stating her opinion, one that the gay community disagrees with. (again, forget about the fact that most politicians and most of America for that matter are against gay marriage).

Those that are screaming about this are doing more damage to their cause than their tiny, bigotted little brains can comprehend. I welcome their political vapaidity with open arms and encourage them to continue this gay parade of false rage. If news like this continues to saturate the airwaves 2010 will be a conservative landslide.


One Response to “Stop Straight Hate”

  1. The difference is that liberals and gays know Obama was lying to get elected and therefore he is forgiven. Ms. Prejean was honestly giving her personal opinion, therefore she is a hatemongering bitch. For the left the Bill of Rights only applies when it benefits their cause.

    We live in scary times my friend!

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