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If the shoe fits…

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 2, 2009

Is any of the media (other than covering Michelle Obama wearing $540 sneakers while volunteering at a food bank? I don’t care about the fact that she can afford these, after all she and her husband are rich. They are just much less rich than the McCains, so Team Obama wins the “we are more like you the common man” contest by default.

But damn, those shoes are ugly. I would expect to see them at Spencer’s Gifts, or perhaps in a costume bin at Goodwill.

But to remind the world of how things were a few short mnths ago, look at how the left whined about John McCain wearing $520 Ferragamo loafers. CNN dedicated a three minute segment to the topic, and the Huffington Post had plenty of data for its fans to chew on. The main gripe from the left was that conservatives whined about John Edward’s $400 haircut, so it is fair to whine about McCain’s loafers.  I think the point about Edwards was more humor than anything else, since he gets so much flack for his perfect hair. But I also admit that $400 is ridiculous for a man’s haircut. Five hundred bucks for a pair of shoes is normal for upper level business people. Four hundred bucks for a haircut is just silly. Five hundred bucks for possibly the ugliest sneakers I’ve ever seen is absurd, the fact that she wore them while working at a food bank disgusts me (and I say this having once relied on a food bank to help feed my family).

So, with the thought in mind that Barack and Michelle are the common man, here are a few pre-election comments from the Huffington Post about McCain’s loafers that made me laugh:

  1. “Wow!!!!!!!!!! $520?????? That’s like more than Edwards haircut!!!!!!! But, but, but McSame is supposed to be a regular shmoe like me. I don’t have any shoes that cost anywhere near $520. Betcha Barack doesn’t either.”
  2. “How come the $500 shoes didn’t make it into the mass media – like the $400. haircut did?
    Hmmmm. . . Is the difference as simple as Republican vs. Democrat, or which political party is
    actually being the bigger elitist?”
  3. “Barack has 4 pair of shoes. He is a regular guy. just sayin.”
  4. “ELITI$T!”
  5. “Will this be advertised by the MSM as was John Edwards $400 haircut or John Kerry’s “Frenchy-fied” attitude? Not likely.”
  6. “I’m hoping that when Obama is president he bans any shoes that cost over $100. That money could go to feed the poor.”
  7. “Audacity? You got that right. To critique Obama as a priviledged “elitist” from the comfort of $520 calfskin loafers – probably purchased for him by his heiress wife/financier – is the height of audacity.”
  8. So what? C’mon folks. There are hundreds of reasons to not vote for any candidate, expecially McBush, but maligning his shoes!!?? He’s rich, so what. They’re all rich.
  9. Thank God Barrak shops at Goodwill and wears not one piece of expensive clothes. How dare John McCain spend his own money on something he wants to wear. Doesn’t he know his money is not his, but belongs to the state? His money is the money of the people, the party. Comrades, we must stand up and stop Americans from spending their own money on their needs!”
  10. “Were YOU making cracks about John Kerry’s millionaire wife?
    Did YOU make cracks about John Edwards’s $400 hair cut?
    Did YOU make cracks about Michelle Obama’s 300% raise as soon as her husband won a US Senate seat?
    Did you make cracks about the 8 wealthiest US Senators all being democrats?
    ….Truth is, YOU didn’t ! Truth is, this should be a non-story….

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