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Calling All American Jews: WHY Do You Support Obama?

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 6, 2009

Why did nearly 80% of the Jewish vote go to Obama? This is a serious question, I truly want replies. I’ve read a couple of articles, but none dio more than say “told you so” to those that said that McCain would gain more Jewish votes due to Obama’s willingness to appease Palestinian supporters.

There are those that say Iran should have nucear weapons, since Israel has them. And, we know that Israel has nuclear weapons (possibly as many as 200 war heads). (note: I don’t recall Israel expressing any interest in removing other countries from the map.) But the US government cannot officially state this, otherwise it would have to stop providing Israel billions in aid every year. The US position was recently reported by the Washington Times:

“Instead of defensively trying to ignore Israels nuclear status, the United States and Israel should proactively call for regional dialogue to specify the conditions necessary to achieve a zone free of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons,” she wrote.

The paper recommends that Israel take steps to disarm in exchange for its neighbors getting rid of chemical and biological weapons programs as well as Iran forgoing uranium enrichment.”

Um, sure. I’m quite confident that we can trust Iran, that bastion of peace. to cease any and all nuclear programs. As Ed Morrissey says at

The position of Israel in the Middle East is unique.  They are not just simply another nation among many.  They had been the one successful continuous democracy in that region, save Turkey, and quite obviously surrounded by nations explicitly threatening to annihilate them.  Israel had to develop a deterrent that would keep a nation of 5 million people alive among 100 million enemies.

Over the years, some of those neighbors have moderated their stance somewhat towards Israel; Egypt and Jordan have diplomatic relations with Israel, but in Egypt’s case only because Washington pays them to do it.  None of the rest of the nations in that region even recognize Israel’s existence, and two of them — Syria and Iran — have a long-running proxy war of terror running against Israel.  Under those conditions, Israel can be forgiven for thinking that a deterrent is still a damned good idea.

Besides, the Iranian nuclear program threatens the US as well.  We want to stop Iran from building nukes to keep them out of the hands of terrorists, and not just those aimed at Israel.  They don’t call us the Great Satan out of respect, after all, and Iranian leadership has been just as annihilationist towards America as it has been towards Israel.  Instead of disarming our allies, maybe we should just concentrate on disarming our enemies.

Does anyone reading this honestly think that Iran will give up nuclear weapons?


16 Responses to “Calling All American Jews: WHY Do You Support Obama?”

  1. ziusudrablog said

    Your blog is not very appropriate.

  2. Larry said

    I’ve asked that same question many times before without ever getting a reasonable answer. I believe for many Jews it goes back to the mindset: “My family always voted that way, so I do as well.” I’ve attempted to show that historically in this country the Right, not the Left has been a friend of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. The Left counts on the Jewish vote and receives it. Being a Jew it drives me crazy.

    So I will continue to scratch my head in frustration and hope that one day Jews will wake up and realize who their real friends are, and more importantly who is not their friend. The Obama administration just might be the catalyst to that.

    • cann0nba11 said

      I think you are spot on Larry. The Jewish tradition is so strong, the value of respecting your elders is noble, but at some point you have to wake up and realize that the current President wants to disarm Israel, knowing full well that Iran and others will never disarm, even if they say they will.

      • Larry said

        Agreed. And I’m not defending the tradition aspects, just trying to explain it or lend it some warped justification. Again, I don’t get it. The wake up call should have happened well before the election just by looking at the President’s associations. I hope it won’t take a mushroom cloud for the “what have we done” moment.

  3. Terry said

    I think the answer is somewhat complex. In part, Jews are traditionally liberal on social issues like abortion, gay rights, etc. Jews are generally not social conservatives. I’m very hawkish in my views on security issues (especially for Israel) but generally liberal on social issues. I’m also fiscally conservative & believe in limited gov’t. but I think most Jews have the opposite belief. At one time, the Right was also more anti-Semitic & most Jews are behind in their thinking since it is now the Left which is very anti-Semitic (disguised as anti-Israel) & allied with Islamic fascists. This is not to say that there is no anti-Semitism on the Right (Pat Buchanan, the Nazi sympathizer). Then, there is a close connexion between Jewish leaders & the Democratic Party.
    And finally, American Jews, like Americans generally, are very superficially informed about the realities in the Middle-East. They only know what the biased anti-Israel media reports. So, a charlatan like Obama who talks about “peace” is believed, no matter his intentions are very detrimental to Israel. I’d like to qualify this criticism of American Jews, by the way – I’m Israeli & we have plenty of ”useful idiots” as well.

  4. Joe Biden is even worse than his boss…

    The vice-president is getting arrogant against Israel (Hat tip: But as for Me):…

  5. ziusudrablog said

    Yes I could, but it would be very long and maybe the moderator would not be very happy about it.

    A bird that you set free may be caught again, but a word that escapes your lips will not return.

    Think about it, and you will find the answer.

    • cann0nba11 said

      There is no moderator here other than me, the author of these articles and content. I welcome and encourage open dialogue as long as everyone treats each other with respect. Please feel welcome to speak freely here. I welcome your feedback.

  6. ziusudrablog said

    Dear friend, we can start by examining the question of the creation of two states in 1948 :

    The British concluded that they could no longer manage Palestine and handed the issue over to the United Nations. On November 29, 1947, after much debate and discussion, the UN recommended the partition of Palestine into two states ­ one Jewish and one Arab. The Jews accepted the UN resolution while the Arabs rejected it.

    Meanwhile, since the time of the British Mandate, the Jewish community in Palestine had been forming political, social and economic institutions that governed daily life in Palestine and served as a pre-state infrastructure. Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion (1886-1973) served as head of the pre-state government.

    The British mandate over Palestine officially terminated at midnight, May 14, 1948. Earlier in the day, at 4:00 p.m., David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the creation of the State of Israel and became its first prime minister. Longtime advocate of Zionism in Britain Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952) became Israel’s first president. On May 15, the United States recognized the State of Israel and the Soviet Union soon followed suit.

    The fledgling State of Israel was faced with many challenges. While fighting a war of survival with the Arab states who immediately invaded the new nation, Israel had to also absorb the shiploads of immigrants coming in daily to the Jewish homeland. Many were penniless refugees from Europe broken in body and in spirit. They needed immediate health and social services in addition to acculturation to their new home.

    As you know, only one state was created. This is the main reason for the present problems. Let us hope that the UN resolutions will one day be respected.

    • Larry said

      Hope all you want about any UN resolution being respected. The UN is a toothless debating society where rogue nations are given a platform to regurgitate hate. And quite frankly I resent having any of my tax dollars help fund it. In fact, I’d be happier paying for bulldozers to push its headquarters about 500 yards east.

      More importantly, what does your history lesson have to do with CannOnBa11’s initial question? Because I am also curious to know. Why would anyone align himself with a party that cozies up to Islamic murderers that want to kill him because of his faith? That’s what makes Obama’s “let’s chat with loons” plan naive, foolish and dangerous to us and our allies.

      Keep hoping. You are wasting your time.

  7. Bullymoose said

    Why do jews support Obama? Because they support his policies. The real question would be why would white christian right wingers urge jews to hate Obama? His skin color? The fact that his mother married outside her race? The fact that he is from a big city, or the fact that he won the election because the person the christian, right wing’s previous successful candidate put the nation into such a hole that they were willing to elect someone as different as can be. An ‘Obamanation’ indeed…if you are of the ‘keep america run by the same type of people, and keep those who arent like them out’-crowd.

    My guess, most jewish people recognize the cultural identity poliics on the right, and remember how it turned out for them just before WW2. They may not be the ‘minority’ in America (racially), but they have not forgotten what it is like to be one.

    • cann0nba11 said

      I’m not encouraging anyone to hate Obama Bullymoose. You sound a little sensitive, I didn’t mention race at all. Please don’t bring race into this: of the dozens of reasons I hate Obama, race is not one of them.

      Bush ended his tenure like an idiot, yes. He spent like a Democrat. But he did not create the economic situation we are in, I’ve got plenty of articles here that cover that topic specifically. Even if you ignore the data and just get stuck on “Bush doubled the debt” you have to wonder what good is it that Obama has QUADRUPLED it?

      Conservatives are not in a ‘culture identity’ war. We are in a war to save America from ridiculous spending and policies that will hurt us, our children and our grandchildren. To equate Nazi torture to what we are going through is also disingenuous. It may be rough here, but its not in the same category.

      Obama supports countries and people that are out to destroy Israel. He wants to disarm Israel. How could any Jew support this man?

  8. MidEastVet said

    You’re assessment is dead-on. I am an American – Jew: In that Order. My country will ALWAYS come first! I am a veteran and a retired law enforcement officer. So off the bat you have to say that I don’t fit the stereo-typical American Jew – oh, and I have a bunch of tattoos.

    Aside from that – my family has always voted Democrat – well, not exactly true. My grandparents voted for Nixon because their commonsense prevailed to that over McGovern.

    I am the first registered Republican in my family – and when “Common Sense” prevailed through my discussion with my family, they then all became Republicans as well. My father-in law is a fledging San Fran Liberal – and…I threw him out of my house 12-years ago, and haven’t seen him since.

    Why do Jews constantly vote Democrat – well I believe it’s the same Jews who felt that Hitler and his supporters were just a passing fad because other politicians told them so. Thos of us who were in the “shit” understand that Democrats, even those who are Jews, are not our friends – I believe they would have been called collaborators in the camps.

    The funny thing is, the other Jews I speak with would never admit being Democrat, or voting for this imbecile in office right now – why? Because of “COMMON SENSE” – their justifications for voting for such a person, or supporting such a party that has been anti-Israel for the last 50+ years would deem them a moron in my eyes, and the they would have to deal with my verbal wrath.

    Your question should be out there for ALL to see – because it is one of the more thought-provoking ones out there – unless you have no analytical thought process as Mr. United Nations has up there. He may want to discuss the 18 resolutions that the good old UN didn’t want to fully carry out against their old buddy in Iraq!

  9. David said

    Could it have something to do with Jews being lawyers. The Democrat party is on the side of the lawyers who are destroying the country and the constitution. I didn’t realize this connection till the election mess of 2000 when all these lawyers came out of the woodwork for Gore. I remember thinking, lawyers make money, why would they be more in support of the Democrats. This is why. They want to keep getting rich, and they don’t care about the innocent people who are destroyed by it.

  10. Nikki said

    What is going on this world? obama bows to Saudi king & he wants to dictate what Israel can and cannot do, he is the only Arrogant thing about America. I am not Jewish, but I am so upset that Jews in America supported this idiot. He wants Iran to have nuclear weapons, today’s speech has proven it. Iran has vowed to kill jews in Israel all of Israel should be wiped off the face of this earth, that’s what that psycho says and obama supports it. When something happens to Israel because of what obama didn’t do to Iran, Jewish Americans CANNOT complain about it. You will have brought this on yourself. I am a catholic and I support Israel defending itself in any way shape or form, they need nuclear weapons to defend themselves, Israel doesn’t go around threatening to destroy any Arab country. I am not afraid that Jews are going to fly planes into buildings in this country. I admire Jews that normally help eachother and watch eachother’s backs, but I am alarmed that 80% of Jews voted for this muslim sympathizer. He thinks muslims have the same values that everyone else does, they Don’t, no other religious people strap bombs to themselves and blow up innocent people, no other religion does this, I don’t want them near me, and I still want revenge for 9/11, I lost people I loved and I don’t trust muslims. Some may be good, but that doesn’t mean I want them near me or living in the U.S., look at what this muslim convert did the other day, he targeted and killed a man for being a U.S. Soldier and the Democrats don’t want our Military protected in the Hate Crimes Act. How can any Jew be a Democrat? I would rather have Bush protecting me and doing whatever is necessary to make sure Terrorists are stopped before they commit their heinous acts. Waterboarding is Child’s Play, I would volunteer to be waterboarded to prove it’s not TORTURE. Muslims sawed off Nick Berg’s Head with a dull knife as he screamed throughout the entire thing, then they hung his headless body from an underpass for all to see their Evil Work. They have no souls and I don’t care what was done to any Terrorist, I want real torture applied, like Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl. Terrorists were still alive after being Waterboarded, I bet Nick and Daniel would have volunteered for waterboarding too, unfortunately they weren’t treated as Human Beings and neither should Terrorists be treated as Human Beings, they do NOT Qualify as Humans to me. I am so angry about Terrorists being given any rights at all, my friends had 2 choices on 9/11 Burn Alive or Jump from the Tallest Building in the World, both choices resulted in Death and Terrorists should NEVER be given a better choice than the people on 9/11.

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