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Obama to Britain: Do as I SAY, not as I Do!

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 12, 2009

I’m really getting tired of our blowhard of a president thinking he is the be-all end-all of politics and what is right on Planet Earth. While he is happy to release/leak CIA memos covering torture, memos that are specifically edited to remove all positive aspects of the issue, Obama is NOT so happy to hear that our greatest ally Britain is about to do the same thing. The Washington Post reports how Obama is a man of double standards. In fact, he is threatening to reduce communications between US and UK security forces if this information is leaked.

What the hell are you doing Barack-O???

At a time when our national security is at risk and you are busy touring the world apologizing about things that don’t merit an apology in the first place, you have the temerity to further weaken our country by reducing cooperation with our very best ally in the world? Apparently your ego is so massive that you are unwilling or incapable of grasping the concept that America is still at risk, despite your recent annointment into the White House. I pray that you get a clue before it is too late.


One Response to “Obama to Britain: Do as I SAY, not as I Do!”

  1. Larry said

    It’s already too late. Who in intelligence or in our spy agencies would even consider going out on a limb now? What kind of support could these people count on? Is this administration going to allow the World Court to try these people in the Haige at some point? Even the attorneys offering confidential legal advice would be scrutinized and potentially get disbarred.

    Allies get alienated and enemies get praised by our Appeaser-In-Chief. Now that I’m steaming, I’m also for a special investigation into that rotten, plastic blabber mouth Pelosi. I want to know EVERYTHING she was briefed on regarding interrogation techniques. If she wants to politicize our national security we deserve to know the whats and whens regarding her briefings. She’s a liar. She’s been caught on tape lying. And this time we shouldn’t let the detestable moron off the hook.

    Getting back to the Messiah, he took an oath to defend this country from enemies. It’s about time he started taking that oath seriously. I used to work in downtown NY with a whole bunch of people that are no longer alive because of people he has such kind words for. I never want to see another attack in this country again. The last thing this country needs is this buffoon’s over-sized ego clouding reality. Lesson 1 ought to be “These are the Good Guys, and These are the Bad Guys,” take it from there.

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