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More Angst Toward Palin

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 13, 2009

Why the hell does the left have to continue to bash Sarah Palin? What is it about her that they abhor? Is it her physical beauty? Is it her instant success? Is it the fact that she is an independent woman that has climbed the ladder of success and is now a governor? You would think that women would love her for her ability to shatter glass ceilings; for her dedicated motherhood; for her success in the realm of the good ‘ol boys political club. But no, she’s a conservative, therefore she must be mocked.

Chris Matthews, the adolescent MS NBC man-child with the annoying voice and even more annoying personality can’t get over the fact that Sarah Palin is going to publish her memoirs. “Don’t laugh, but Sarah Palin is writing a book. Not reading a book, writing a book.” Let’s see Chrissy, she was a friggin’ vice presidential candidate in the most historical presidential, leg tingling election in American history, right? She was viciously attacked by 90% of the media, the most ferocious of which was the MSNBC team of mental midgets wearing their liberal blinders.

If a key grip on the camera crew during Obama’s world saving speech on race was to write a book, you can bet that Matthews would have him on the show. Chrissy would probably write the forward for the damned thing. Palin was on the losing team, remember Chrissy? Team Tingle won the election, right? But, I must be insane to think that a psychological pollop like you could be expected to display any monicum of respect or class for one of a sitting governors, nevermind a woman that changed the face and tone of your favorite political event ever.


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