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Janine Garofalo – Slimeball Bitter Liberal

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 14, 2009

Janine Garofalo is really, really bitter. It could be her failed love life. It could be her failed radio career. It could be that the only talk show host willing to put up with her insane opinions is Keith Olberdouche.

Sadly the interviewer did not have quick responses to her insipid counterpoint.  She asked where all of the angry conservatives were during the Bush spending years. Janine, we were here, and we were yelling. As usual, the media didn’t report it, which is ironic since they seem to love anyone that rips conservatives. But every major conservative talk show host covered it. Google is your friend.

Allow me to quote Allahpundit at

My favorite part is when she wonders why tea partiers weren’t out in the streets last year protesting Bush’s then-record budget deficit; a better question, one Griff Jenkins lamentably didn’t think of, is why leftists who grumbled about Bush’s spending aren’t out in the streets now that Obama’s quadrupled it.

Janine, where is your outrage? Let me cheer you up: you are my Jackass of the Week!


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