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Man-Made Global Warming Is Crap (just a Reminder)

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 19, 2009

From this well-structured (if not slightly dry) web site:

  • This is the statistically correct way to represent relative human contributions to the greenhouse effect:
  • Both natural and man-made greenhouse contributions are illustrated in this chart, in gray and green, respectively. For clarity only the man-made (anthropogenic) contributions are labeled on the chart.
  • Water vapor, responsible for 95% of Earth’s greenhouse effect, is 99.999% natural (some argue, 100%). Even if we wanted to we can do nothing to change this.
  • Anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 contributions cause only about 0.117% of Earth’s greenhouse effect, (factoring in water vapor). This is insignificant!
  • Adding up all anthropogenic greenhouse sources, the total human contribution to the greenhouse effect is around 0.28% (factoring in water vapor).


2 Responses to “Man-Made Global Warming Is Crap (just a Reminder)”

  1. WimW said

    Your representation of contributions might be right (or wrong even, not worth checking the data) but it is irrelevant. The greenhouse effect for the planet is huge and that is not the problem. It is the “tiny” contribution of the CO2 we are adding that will get us into trouble. Compare it to a man standing in water that just reaches the top of his upper lip. Surely, you would argue, this guy is already coping with 5 feet of water, adding another half of an inch will not bother him.

  2. cann0nba11 said

    Thanks WimW, for visiting and writing. 🙂

    Your assumption is that we are already up to our top lip in water, when we have no scientific proof whatsoever that we are there. I would rather use the analogy of pissing into a swimming pool. We are not contributing a statistically significant amount into the atmosphere and causing any sort of change. BUT, even if I were to take the leap and assume that we are contributing enough of anything to harm the atmosphere, you have to recognize that America can stop producing ANY CO2 and the rest of the world will more than make up for our contribution. China, Mexico, India and Russia will not change their ways no matter what America does.

    But again, I don’t think we are contributing to anything. We are not at a precipice, we are experiencing natural temperature changes that have occured for millenia. How else did we emerge from previous ice ages? Why are polar ice caps increasing in size now? Why do polar caps on Mars fluctuate in size?

    Thanks again for visiting.

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