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Eight Failed Years…

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 20, 2009

SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! I am so tired of these liberal references:

  • eight years of failed policies
  • the failed Bush years
  • eight years of Bush economics
  • get us out of this mess that Bush created

Our economic woes have NOTHING to do with Bush. The massive spending at the END of his term was based on the pack of lies our “best financial minds” sold to Bush and the Democratic-led Congress. We were in the midst of a post 9-11 economic recovery and were at nearly full employment two years ago.  Give me the Bush economy ANY DAY over Obamanomics.


One Response to “Eight Failed Years…”

  1. Larry said

    I’m curious to know at what point will the Pickpocket-in-Chief start to take some responsibility for the economy? My guess, when the economy starts to turn on its own despite his interference. These are interesting times.

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