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Idol: Is America a Dumb B****?

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 20, 2009

Prepare for waves of homophobia claims. Be on the lookout for Perez Hilton (or, I hope, a humorous Perez Hilton YouTube spoof). It will be the talk of the office. “OMG! Adam didn’t win!”

Let me cut to the chase. Adam is a one-trick vocalist. He also needs to mature as a vocalist. Save the screeching for the right time, don’t pull it out on every friggin’ song. Musicians, and most people that appreciate music recognized that Danny Golkey was the best singer in the competition. When he got voted out last week I predicted a backlash. The combination of Danny fans voting against Adam, plus the apathetic drama crowd that assumed that Adam would win made for this result.

Kris  is not a worthy AI champion. Honestly, he didn’t even  deserve to be in the top five. In my educated opinion Danny should have won. Allison should have been runner-up, Adam third, Jorge fourth and any of a handful of the other signers could have been fifth (probably Matt). Remember, this is supposed to be a singing competition. How many times did Simon and Randy tell us that?

Allison will get a great record contract and be a star. Danny will make a great album, I hope Clive Davis picks him up. Adam will lay low until after the Idol tour and then let loose with a flamboyant show of some sort. He is destined for Vegas, or a Rock Opera on Broadway. Is Guns & Roses looking to tour again? Let Axel and his attitude stay at home and have Adam take his place.  I’m a little miffed that we didn’t get to hear Adam sing “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Kris, dude… enjoy the ride. You are going to live the rock and roll dream for the next year and then fade away into the where are they now CD bin. Honestly, I’d love just one tune, a single single, to make it big like your music will. Enjoy this ride, you seem to have a great head on your shoulders and good parents to thank for that. You’ve done well, you flew under the radar and played your hand perfectly. Kudos. Seriously. Make the most of this.

To Perez: honey, don’t get your panties in a wad. This isn’t about America hating an over the top gay singer. It’s about hating a singing competition that was selling out to flash over substance. You should be used to it, Perez, you voted for Obama, right? You know what I’m talking about.


4 Responses to “Idol: Is America a Dumb B****?”

  1. poot said

    OMG!!!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth!!!! FINALLY SOMEONE WITH A TRUE MUSICAL BACKGROUND!!


  2. Golkey was an excellent singer but I really liked Allison. She has a very sweet and savory voice similar to Stevie Nicks, Robyn Thrashehr, Pat Benatar and Joan Jett. She should have one in my opinion. If she plays her cards right she will be one of the very few that you will hear from in coming years. Like Carrie, Daughtry and Kelly. But I am willing to lay money on the table that you wont hear much from Kris or Golkey. Adam you will because he is into the “show business” thing. He has a great metal voice but the whole limp wristed thing doesnt really flow to good in that arena.
    He will probably stick with the show tunes thing.

  3. Amy P. said

    I think Danny Gokey was gyped. Really – goes from not being in the bottom EVER to out in the Top 3? I really no longer believe Idol is fixed, at least not the final, because it sure seemed like they were setting up Adam Lambert for a guaranteed win.

    Thank you for saying what’s on my mind.

  4. catman said

    Danny started acting like an a** a few weeks ago. Bad attitude with duet with Kris. He blew his chance. While I did not think Kris should have won he did something only that he and Adam did. Both contestants took their materials and put their own spin on it. Kris is very low key and understated and a true gentleman. I personally am an Adam fan. Looking forward to his album. Looking forward to all top 5 contestants albums. As of yesterday morning both Adam and Kris had deals and some of the others who names had not been mentioned. Wish them all well. The marketplace will determine success. Unless obama is going to dictate who we can listen to musically.

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