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CAFE Standards Will Kill More Than Iraq War

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 21, 2009

The Obama admnistration is high on CAFE standards. But research has suggested that making calls smaller, a requirement to meet these rushed mileage standards, will kill more Americans than the Iraq War.

The National Academy of Sciences has linked mileage standards with about 2,000 deaths per year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that every 100-pound reduction in the weight of small cars increases annual traffic fatalities by as much as 715. In contrast in the more than six years since the Iraq war began, there have been 4,296 deaths among American military personnel.


One Response to “CAFE Standards Will Kill More Than Iraq War”

  1. Bob G. said

    There have been MORE and BETTER ways to manage this impending clusterf*ck since the 1970s!

    And nobody did ANYTHING.

    NOW, all of a sudden, it (whatever the hell “it” is) WILL be done…(can I get an achtung from the brown-shirted masses?).

    THAT is why I still have my 26 year-old Firebird that gets better than 20 MPG in the damn city (thanks to a V-6 with enough BHP to get my ass around)

    I LIKE having some STEEL wrapping around me with all the nuts out there whenever I decide to (take my life in my hands and) drive about.

    You make an excellent point with traffic fatalities.
    You, sir…”get it”.

    Good post.


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