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Creep Olberdork – Worst Person In The Universe

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 22, 2009

There is yet another rant from the uber-douche Keith Olbermann about Dick Cheney. I think Olbermann needs to undergo a serious psychological analysis, His obsession with Bush/Cheney is Hinkley-esque, I truly hope the man does not have access to weapons.

Olberturd is the man that once in response to a positive article by an editor at the National Rewiew about Sarah Palin:Look, sir, I don`t really care if you sat there last night during the debate and masturbated. But was it really necessary to tell America about it?” Classy, huh? This is the same man that continues to compare Bush and Cheney to terrorists. This is the man that thinks that a planned attack on a military base is a foolish concept because all of the soldiers are armed and dangerous. Note: Hey Uberputz, soldiers do not carry armed weapons around base like the old West you historically illiterate nonsensicle farce of a show host. Guns on base are locked up, but you would never know that since you’ve probably never been on a military base and are more than likely preoccupied with your fantasiwa about cave sex with Bin Laden and Walter Cronkite.

I can’t figure out why Olbermann has such a high opinion of himself, since he so obviously lacks the mental prowess to engage in conversation with anyone that he disagrees with. Have you seen a conservative on his show before? Has he ever debated anyone on anything (I’m talking after his time on the air with Dan Patrick)? He, to the childish glee of his rabid idiot followers he spends lots of airtime quoting verse and scripture from the Daily Kos, and even more time mocking and deriding legitimate show hosts like O’Rielly, Hannity and Beck. Maybe Senor OlberAsno could learn something from those hosts that he hates. They frequently have guests with opposing viewpoints on their shows. They have the brains, skills and manhood needed to man up and talk to their enemies and political opponents. Keith? Not so much. I don’t think he has the grey matter capacity to figure out how to drink wine out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.

Hey Keith! Why don’t you invite Dick Cheney onto your show? Why not invite Glenn Beck? Why not invite ANYONE that you have a beef with? Maybe some actual intellectual conversation could help your cellal-dweller ratings. Just a suggestion. Until you figure out how to talk to people of differing opinions, you are simply a vocal dingleberry on the ass of all that is wrong with the media today. I hope you enjoy your time on television, when your career is over you will wish for Love Boat to come back so you have a place to get your cameo television fix.

I know why you won’t invite opposing mindsets onto your show. You are a vapid, shallow, grade-a pussy. You are a mental midget. You were at some time as a child intellectually castrated. Adam Lambert has swallowed more testosterone than you could ever generate in your entire miserable existince on Earth. Keith Olbermann: when trying to think how low you are as a man and show host, the only image I can think of is hammered whale shit. You suck. You suck at everything you do. This is not only the reason that you are a miserable, lonely man, but it is the reason that MSNBC is tanking. I hope your kidneys fail.


One Response to “Creep Olberdork – Worst Person In The Universe”

  1. Bob G. said

    Love that last comment!

    And DITTO on your evaluation of this human tripe.


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