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Let’s Talk To Killers Of Schoolgirls

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 26, 2009

Obama is willing to talk to certain elements of the Taliban. After reading this depressing dip into reality I wonder if any of them should still be allowed to remain alive. I tend to think not.

EXCERPT: After confirming the closures, he reads aloud from the Taliban night letters, as simply formulated as they are explicit. “As of today,” he reads from a message from Aqtash, “girls are no longer allowed to attend school.” The letter is marked with a logo of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan — in English, yet another indication of just how well organized the Taliban are in the German area of operation.

Another threat letter depicts a schoolgirl at the gallows. “We have warned you,” reads the message. “If we now kill schoolgirls, you shouldn’t be surprised.”


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