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Disqualify Sotomayor Because She Is Gay.

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 30, 2009

Remember liberal hippy: during the “past eight years” year dissension was “patriotic.” Suck it.

Is Sonia Sotomayor gay? If so, this is a good reason to reject her Supreme Court nomination. If she can use her self-proclaimed Latina experiences to make decisions that crackers like me can’t make, you can bet your sweet fur burger that she can also use her Lesbian experiences in the same manner.

Riddle me this: If a Latina can make decisions influenced by her personal view of the world and/or her “empathy” (Obama’s apparent litmus test) where men cannot, why should I trust her judgment? After all, I am a minority: I live in a city that is 58% Hispanic. Where is MY representation? I thought that Obama was the great uniter! Help! Help! I’m being oppressed! Sotomayor is telling us that Mr. Honky isn’t necessarily the right judge for the job in cases involving race.

Sotomayor has already admitted that courts like hers are where policies are made, not enforced. Her words, not mine. Team Obama has hyped up her Latina heritage and the press is chugging the kool-ade yet again. She is a political activist, an example of how the courts are ruining America. Sotomayor sees her upbringing and culture as an advantage that gives her perspective and the ability to make tough decisions.

This makes me wonder: Since we can be sure that Roe v. Wade will certainly be reviewed by an Obama Supreme Court, how can Sotomayor possibly make a rational decision about the right to life if she has never created life before? How can she craft her legal opinions on such an important case if she has no cultural experience with the topic? She has no idea what it is like to live with another life inside of her. She has never experienced the miracle of birth. Will she take the side of teens “burdened” by pregnancy? Will she take the side of illegal aliens that enter our country to deliver an anchor baby? After all, she is a Latina, she understands these things, right? Based on her own perspectives on the roll of judges, she should respectfully withdraw her nomination.

But seriously, a judge is supposed to be an impartial arbitrator. A judge is not supposed to consider how the plaintiff or defendant was “feeling” at the time a crime was committed. A courtroom is no place to showcase your empathy. When you do, you get results like the initial OJ Simpson verdict. A judge should not put him or herself in the shoes of those she is judging. They are supposed to rule based on the letter of the law. If you were involved in a court case, would you enjoy the burden of worrying whether the judge was going to side with you or the other side? Or, would you prefer to sit in confidence knowing that the judge was not biased or full of empathy?

(note: Justice Souter is also gay. Sotomayor’s gayness is not the issue, if you read this correctly. I’m writing about the hypocrisy of her statements —  conflict her words and beliefs have with the responsibilities that her potential new job carry.)


6 Responses to “Disqualify Sotomayor Because She Is Gay.”

  1. Terry said

    I don’t care if she’s gay, Latino, Chinese, Hindu, Buddhist, black, white, brown, rich, poor, tall, short, fat, thin, etc. as long as she’s an eminent top-notch, widely recognized, legal & constitutional scholar, the most qualified for the position. I don’t think she is, empathy & a nice life-story not being my idea of qualifications. But then look at the unqualified, intellectually limited, con artist & fraud who chose her.

    • iNformed said

      Wow. I strongly agree with your first sentence. Sotomayor’s sexual preferences shouldn’t be an issue. Though, you refer to Obama as “unqualified,” “intellectually limited,” a “con artist,” and a “fraud?” Someone is a bit ignorant when it comes to their president.

      • cann0nba11 said

        THanks for visiting INformed.

        Which of Terry’s characterizations of Obama do you disagree with? He had n o relevant experience prior to getting this job, his entire career has consisted of college and running for election. He may be intelligent, but he is intellectually stunted (has a flawed understanding of history and economics, two vital concpets for a president). As to con artist and fraud, he utilized many fraudulent and/or dishonest techniques during the campaign and for fund-raising.

        Please clarify.

  2. cann0nba11 said

    Well said Terry.

  3. […] the drawer, or a bitchy bully, or a reverse racist seems mild in comparison to the current “is she a Lesbian?” nonsense.  So what?  Even if she is, what the hell difference does it […]

  4. Rachel said

    Who cares if she’s gay? It doesn’t matter.

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