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Tiller Murder: Some Perspective For The Left

Posted by cann0nba11 on June 1, 2009

I have not browsed for Tiller murder stories yet today, but I feel confident that many leftward blogs and news outlets will make Dr. Tiller into some sort of martyr. Let me be crystal clear about this: The murder of late-term abortion docter George Tiller was wrong. He chose to perform a procedure that by most legal definitions was murder. The left will counter that he only performed these abortions to save the lives of the mothers. I call bull on that, but I will post about that later. Dr. Tiller often wore a bullet-proof vest. He had been shot before. But he felt compelled to continue his passion. Now he is dead, and his killer should be tried and punished accordingly. Murder is wrong.

Dr. Tiller is the fourth doctor to be killed based on his late-term abortion stance and activities. The fourth doctor killed in the history of abortion doctor killings in America. (note: This happens to be one more than the number of terrorists we actually waterboarded.) The left is screaming, or will be screaming… I can’t wait to see what Olbermann and Stewart have to say given the amount of time their writers have had to prepare. But allow me add a dose of perspective.

Based on crime rates and prison data from 2005, every day in America twelve people are killed by illegal aliens. Murders by people that should not be in our country in the first place. Preventable murders. Murders that could have been avoided if America actual enforced its own border. But do we hear anything about this? Applying Obama election numbers (53% Obama, 46% McCain), that’s more than six Liberals killed every day by illegals. But wait, let’s factor in deaths due to drunk driving illegal aliens. Every day ten Americans are killed by these illegal alien drunk drivers; that’s another five liberals erased from the voting population.

Were is the outcry? Where is the compassion? I’ll tell you where it is: it has been rammed up America’s collective ass by the likes of John McCain, George W. Bush, La Raza and all other politicians soft on the border. But we won’t hear anything about this because talk of such a hateful topic makes you a racist. Maybe Sonia Sotomayor’s empathy will help shine some light on the subject? I doubt it. So for the time being we just have to listen to the lefties all excited about a crazed Conservatrive gunman pushed over the edge to the point where his solution to a legitimate problem is in conflict with his strongest beliefs about the sanctity of life. Have fun liberals, we will be watching and listening. Remember, elections have consequences and you won’t be in control forever.


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