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How About A Presidential Spine Stimulus?

Posted by cann0nba11 on June 10, 2009

What’s going on in the world today?

Where the hell is President Obama? Should we settle for a harshly worded letter from Hans Brix to make things all better? Will another world tour touting Obama’s love of himself make everything all better.

No. We need a President with a backbone, not a backdrop. Love him or hate him, President Bush helped keep America safe, and I think part of the reason he was able to do so was because our enemies knew that Bush would hit back. Now, the bad guys know that our new president is a political eunuch and they are flexing their muscles. They also know that our vice president more interested in his teeth and hair plugs than he is in studying history. Third on the list? The psychopathic egomaniac Speaker Pelosi, who thinks that Tea Parties were sponsored by big corporations and that government control of car companies is a good thing.

What is most of the media talking about? Miss California getting fired over voicing an opinion on gay marriage that she shares with the president; Letterman’s immature sexist attacks on Sarah Palin; A dude in a green, one-piece bathing suit; and Phil Specter’s wigs.

America needs to wake up. It is the duty of all conservatives to smack the living crap out of the politically apathetic to wake them from their kool-ade hangovers. If we don’t we are screwed. Superman, where are you?


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