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Are libs/mods seeing the light now?

Posted by cann0nba11 on June 12, 2009

After five months of Hope and Change I think that many moderates, and even a few liberals, are starting to realize the truth about Barack Obama’s vision of America. They are starting to see that BOTH parties are made up largely of power hungry, selfish individuals. And they are beginning to realize that disdain toward Sarah Palin or pure hatred of George W Bush was not the best foundation to base their vote upon.

Voting is not something that should be taken lightly. As some Democrats (and our president) are now fond of reminding us, “elections have consequences,” and this time around the consequences are potentially fatal for America. “Oh, don’t be so negative, Paul. Your hatred of Obama is making you crazy.” You think so? What does my frustration with having a president with no leadership experience have to do with the following facts?

  • While Bush doubled our deficit, Obama has quadrupled that doubled debt. And based on worsening unemployment figures it will get even worse.
  • Obama has turned his back on free market economics and has ruined two car companies via nationalization.
  • Democratic leadership has impressed our enemies around the world so much that they are relocating their troops, testing missiles and nukes, kidnapping our citizens and strengthening alliances with one another.
  • The noble dream of health care for all (something not guaranteed anywhere in our founding documents) will destroy the best medical system in the world and actually decrease the quality of health care for most Americans. (OK, this one is an opinion, not a fact.)

During the past “eight failed years” of the Bush administration liberals screamed about war crimes and the loss of civil rights in America. I have no idea what the hell they were talking about, but I think I might take up their tactics and give liberals a dose of their own painfully annoying medicine. After all, liberals seem to care more about the rights of our sworn enemies than they do about our own citizens.


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