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Juan Williams Calls Sotomayor Reversal “judicial activism”

Posted by cann0nba11 on June 30, 2009

Last night on The O’Reilly Factor, NPR’s Juan Williams called the reversal of the New Haven Fire Fighter discrimination lawsuit “judicial activism.” If you somehow missed this case, fourteen white fire fighters and one Hispanic fire fighter were denied promotions after passing the required test because no black candidates passed the test. Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor sided with the City of New Haven and supported the promotion denials. Williams suggested that if there are no black passing students that the test needs to be looked at. I disagree.

Juan, sometimes black people do worse on tests than non-black people. Deal with it. If you keep going down this road I’m going to start a frivolous lawsuit and sue the NBA for race and height discrimination. After all, 82% of NBA players are black. If I win there, I will then take on the NFL, where 65% of the players are black. See how stupid that sounds?

If standardized tests are racially biased toward white middle-class Americans, why do Asian students regularly perform as good if not better than white students? After all, Asians make up 5% of our population; they are certainly a minority in America. They often come from families that do not even have English as their native language. Why do they do better? Could it be their home life? Their work ethic? The concept of discipline and hard work? Here’s one opinion (from

While American children are dividing their time between a thousand different extracurricular activities in addition to household chores, Asian students are concentrating more on their schoolwork. The role of Asian children in the family is clear-cut and two-fold:

  • Respect your elders and obey your parents.
  • Study hard and do well in school to secure a bright future.

Our parents firmly believed in roles and they ensured that each member of the family carried out his or her role to the best of his or her ability. Our father was the breadwinner during the day and an educator at night. Our mother kept the house and finances in order during the day and also became an educator at night. Our role during the day was to obey our teachers and do our best in the classroom; our role at night was to obey our parents and focus on our continued studies at home (which included homework, review of previously learned material and any additional assignments our parents gave us). Of course, we also cleaned our rooms, set the table, did the dishes and played outdoors, but we didn’t have the multitude of distractions that many non-Asian children faced once school ended.

So Juan, stop dealing from the race card deck. The only way America will get over the percieved problem of racism is when minorities stop pointing out the fact that they are minorities. I was thinking that this would happen after Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton die, but I’m not too hopeful since folks like P-Diddy and Jamie Fox are happy to carry the black separatist torch for the next generation. When will blacks actually adopt the “content of their character” mantra of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?


3 Responses to “Juan Williams Calls Sotomayor Reversal “judicial activism””

  1. Robert said

    well said cann0nba11!

    Isn’t it interesting that no one refers to Judge Sotomayor’s initial ruling as “judicial activism,” when that is more clearly the case than with the reversal? The Supreme Court got this one right. No hard working American should be denied promotion or advancement because someone else didn’t qualify. Let’s be a responsible nation and people; hard work does pay off.

  2. Bruce said

    The answer as to why blacks don’t do as well on promotion exams is simple … they don’t feel they should have to, and thus do not study. They feel they are entitled to promotion purely because they are a minority, and the way the courts have skewed these things lately they have no incentive to bother studying like everyone else.

  3. 247things said

    This hue and cry is simply more of the age-old effort by liberals to sell the victimization notion to a segment of our society. What amazes is me is how they keep buying it.

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