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Slums and Dems

Posted by cann0nba11 on April 12, 2011

I was recently pointed to a February article at the Business Insider about how 18 U.S. cities where the suburbs are rapidly turning into slums.

“During past recessions, American cities became centers of poverty and crime. But this time, it was the suburbs that suffered.Between 2000 and 2008, suburbs saw their poor populations grow by 25 percent — almost five times faster than urban poverty growth, according to Brookings.

Urban gentrification is one factor driving poor people out of cities. Other factors include immigration dynamics, the availability of affordable housing and the decentralization of jobs that pay lower wages.”

I find it telling that of these 18 cities, 16 of them have been run by Democratic mayors for at least the past 30 years. Sixteen of eighteen. This, my friends, is no coincidence. This is a sign that Democratic policies such as handouts and the propagation of a victim mindset are deadly to our communities. Here is the complete list of the cities and the party of their mayors:

  • Atlanta, GA – Dem for since ’85. As in 1885.
  • Baltimore, MD – Dem since 1967
  • Chicago, IL – Dem since ’31
  • Cincinnati, OH – Dem since ’84
  • Cleveland, OH – Mixed, Dem since ’90
  • Dallas TX – Democrat since ’81, Republican since ’07
  • Detroit, MI – Dem since ’62
  • Philadelphia, PA – Demo since ’56
  • Houston, TX – Dem since ’41
  • Minneapolis, MN – Dem since ’73
  • New Orleans, LA – Dem since ’74. As in 1874.
  • New York, NY – Democrat from 1946-1990, Giuliani (R) from 1994-02, then Bloomberg, who claimed to be Republican but turned Independent in 2007. He is the classic RINO and should just come clean and switch to the “D” that he truly is.
  • Rochester, NY – Dem since ’70
  • San Francisco, CA – Dem since ’64
  • St. Louis, MO – Dem since ’49
  • Seattle, WA – Democrat since ’56
  • Tampa,FL – Dem since ’79
  • Washington DC – Dem for decades

Sixteen of eighteen of these increasing slums are run by Democrats. To paraphrase Van Jones, “how’s that liberal mindset workin’ out for you?”


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