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Debtastrophy My Ass.

Posted by cann0nba11 on July 16, 2011

I’m not buying it.

Back in January of 2009, newly inaugurated President Obama warned America that we needed to support his $750B bailout. He warned that failure to take “dramatic action” on the package as soon as possible would have devastating long-term consequences for America

Two and a half years later we have seen the Obama administration deliver devastating long-term consequences for America, but not because of TARP. Uncontrolled spending and the appointment of radical ideologues has taken America down a financially disastrous path. Now we are being warned that failure to raise the debt ceiling will be “like ‘Star Wars’

Funny thing, we’ve seen scare tactics before. Hank Paulson said back in October 2008 about the proposed $700B bailout, “I am convinced this bold approach will cost American families far less than the alternative — a continuing series of financial institution failures and frozen credit markets unable to fund economic expansion.”

Did that happen? Of course not. What did happen is that hundreds of banks received billions of dollars and the common man paid the bill without getting anything for it. Credit markets are still tight, borrowing money is as difficult as ever, and there is no end in sight to the president’s desire to spend even more under the guise of saving America via big government.

America has lost all confidence in its leadership. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have spent us into a dark corner and there is no easy way out. From the mouth of our charismatic uniter, the champion of hope and change, all we seem to get is a stern lecture and down the nose condescension the likes the American people have never, ever received from their president before. Instead of guidance and direction we get scare tactics and stern yet hollow words from an inexperienced president in way over his head.

I don’t want to sit through the Sunday news shows and listen to people claiming that words said behind closed doors are the justification for the continued destruction of our economy. Damn it, you people work for us!,If you want our support you better open those doors. Break out some transparency before we open up another can of whoop ass in the voting booth next year. There is no shorter leash than the one around every neck in Congress right now.

And here’s a tip. We need real evidence. Show us charts, cite your sources, and speak in terms that real people can understand. Paulson, Pelosi and Dodd tried to scare us into supporting the $700 billion TARP package. What convincing evidence did Americans see? Nothing. We were told to trust Congress. We were told that behind closed doors some really powerful people were shown very scary charts and that the whole situation was perilous. too perilous for little ol’ taxpayers to get a glimpse at. Funny thing, the $700 billion TARP figure was not even based on any analysis or facts. A Treasury spokeswoman told Forbes magazine “It’s not based on any particular data point, We just wanted to choose a really large number.”

Really? A really large number? Why not eleventy fiveteen twenty seventy? Give me a break people, if you want voter support you better bring something to the table better than a wild-ass guess. So until I see some actual data, some real fact-based consequences, I’m not buying the “debtastrophy” horror movie script you are selling us. IF you provide compelling and realistic data, I’m willing to listen. Until then you have no more credibility chicken little.


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