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Six Lessons For Congress

Posted by cann0nba11 on August 8, 2011

A co-worker forwarded me an email that makes so much sense I have no choice but to post it. The following list of lessons comes from Umair Haque via twitter. Dear Congress, dear Mr. President. Stop everything you are doing and read these. They are short enough to fit into your schedule, and simple enough to understand.

  • The first lesson is: when you don’t reinvent institutions at a time of systemic failure, the problem doesn’t just magically disappear.
  • The second lesson is: when you prop up the institutions causing the crisis, instead of reinventing them, the crisis will deepen.
  • The third lesson is: when dysfunctional institutions prop one another up, prosperity’s a house of cards. Crisis becomes stagnation.
  • The fourth lesson is: when propping up failed institutions has drained your resources, you’ve turned a crisis into a catastrophe.
  • The fifth lesson is: the longer it takes you to see a crisis for what it truly is, the disproportionately worse it’s likely to get.
  • The sixth lesson is: when people who are prisoners of the paradigm that caused the crisis are in charge of fixing it, bet on… more crisis.

Cut out the partisan bickering. Stop the divisive messaging. Do your damned jobs!


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