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Who Runs The Worst Cities In America For Finding A Job?

Posted by cann0nba11 on December 12, 2011

Forbes has published a brief essay on the top worst cities in America for finding a job. That tea-bagging racist organization known as MSNBC posted an article about it too, so it must be true. The top ten worst cities to find work are:

  1. Miami, FL
  2. Los Angeles, CA
  3. Riverside, CA
  4. Las Vegas, NV
  5. Detroit, MI
  6. Sacramento, CA
  7. Memphis, TN
  8. Rochester, NY
  9. St. Louis, MO
  10. Orlando, FL

It might be interesting to see how these cities are being led. What are their policies? What side of the political spectrum do you think they might fall on? Are the pro-business or pro-entitlement? It turns out that nine out of the ten cities are led by mayors of the same political persuasion.

  1. Miami has been run by a Democrat mayor since 1947.
  2. Los Angeles has never had a Republican mayor. The last time a Republican ran was back in 1977.
  3. Riverside is historically Republican, but has been Democratic since 1994.
  4. Las Vegas has had a Democrat mayor since 1959.
  5. Detroit has had a Democrat mayor since 1962.
  6. Sacramento has had a Democrat mayor since 1975.
  7. Memphis has historically been Democrat territory, I can’t find specific mayoral party history.
  8. Rochester has had a Democrat mayor since 1970.
  9. St. Louis has had a Democrat mayor  since 1949.
  10. Orlando has had a Democrat mayor  since 1956.

A legitimate question is whether or not mayors have statistically significant influence on the job markets they preside over. I would think that they do since they drive the tax policies and employer incentives in their geographies. But I’ll leave this research item to people above my pay grade that have things like research assistants and interns.


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