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A Difference Of Economic Opinion

Posted by cann0nba11 on July 10, 2012

Cast aside social issues for just a moment. We can talk about abortion or civil unions versus gay marriage once we get our financial house in order. If America is not economically stable in the very near future, all of those other issues mean nothing. They will be replaced by much more serious things that fall in the lower levels of Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs, such as food and shelter.

Liberals claim that Conservatives lack compassion, yet cannot reconcile this emotional belief with the fact that conservatives, especially the faithful, donate more money and time to help the poor at home and abroad. Meanwhile, Conservatives claim that Liberals lack a basic understanding of math. This makes sense when you ask a Liberal how to pay for growing social programs, single-payer health care and other well-intentioned yet financially irrational programs. They can’t answer, they simply respond that we have to do it, just like a young child demands a cookie. Pure heart, pure emotion, pure desire, but no logic. Sort of like any random OWSer that screams how evil Bush and Romney are before stepping into their beater with the Coexist bumper sticker on it. Coexist dammit! (but only with people that agree with you). But I digress…

Liberals want more government, they think that only government can solve the problems we face today, and that because centralized planning has worked so well all over the world that we just need to tweak it a bit to make it work in America. Conservatives think that we need less government. Not NO government, just less of it. Liberals will counter with extremes and say that we want NO regulations, NO healthcare, NO unemployment insurance and NO clean water, etc. Simply not true. So again, the left wants more government, the right wants less.

I created the following chart to visualize the primary difference between the Left and the Right.


Click on the image for a larger version. What is the point? President Reagan experienced a recession in his first term that lasted 16 months. However, unlike President Obama, Reagan enacted policies meant to stimulate the economy, not to suppress it. The end result was a sharp and rapid recovery that lasted many years.

Despite having complete control of Congress during his first two years in office, Obama squandered his historic opportunity and has managed to continually muzzle the greatest economic engine in the history of mankind. I’ve lined up the two recessions in the image above to make the comparison obvious to even the most stubborn of Liberals.

There is no way to blame Republican obstructionism for this. Two years of complete control wasted. Then, even after Republicans regained control of the House and offered dozens of economic bills, they were crushed by Harry Reid’s willfully destructive arrogance in the Senate.

So what has the president been doing with his time? Besides more than 100 rounds of golf and dozens of fund raising trips, he has managed to divide our nation with is class warfare rhetoric and open condescension toward conservatives and the faithful. He rammed a highly unpopular yet horrible expensive health care bill down our throats despite the known financial impacts that Democrats so skillfully hid and pushed down the road a few years out of political expedience. He has maintained many of Bush’s hawkish military policies (a good thing) after whipping up his liberal base in 2008 over how horrible those still-intact policies where. He has given his attorney general plenty of leeway and freedom to sue states that dare to enforce existing laws or enact new laws to fill the gaping void created by this administrations willful non-action. I could go on.

The point of this post is to visually highlight how the Left and Right are different from an economic perspective. Obama’s track record is proof positive that his policies do not work. Feel free to disagree, but please bring facts to the table. Remember, emotion is the enemy of critical thought.


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