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Shredding Liberal Talking Points (again)

Posted by cann0nba11 on August 17, 2012

An old high school buddy and I recently traded comments on Facebook, a place that I continue to fill with extended threads about politics in an attempt to increase awareness of the political middle that read my wall. When posting a warning about Democrats flooding the airwaves with “Paul Ryan wants to kill grandma” messaging and lies about how he wants to kill Medicare and Social Security for seniors, the thread turned to the oh so common liberal deflection tactic of ignoring the truth in front of them: blame Bush. Then I was accused of posting “BS talking points” after which nothing but a tirade of liberal talking points followed.

Yes, the left is that desperate. Their ‘logic’ is “well, the only reason the system is so screwed is because Bush got America into two unfunded wars and deregulated Wall Street which bankrupt us and passed the prescription drug bill.” Well, one out of three I can understand.

In my opinion, any time someone starts off their argument with the “wars we can’t afford” defense they quickly get filed into the “Palestinian kids throwing rocks versus Israeli missiles” bucket. You lose all credibility because you are doing nothing but repeating KOSian Media Matters, Code Pink verbal diarrhea. Let’s break it down.

Unfunded Wars We Can’t Afford

According to the National Priorities Project, the past 11 years of bipartisan approved war has cost America almost $1.4 trillion (Iraq = $806B, Afghanistan $557B). Eleven years. That’s an average of $123B per year, no small amount for sure. But in Obama Land, that’s just pocket change.

The 2009 budget started in November of 2008 under George W. Bush and the fully Democrat congress. It was huge for its time at $1.4T, and included supposed stimulus, which has proven to be a complete failure and waste of money.

Subsequent deficits were $1.3T in 2011, $1.3T in 2011, and $901B projected for 2013. Under the current administration the deficit is projected to be well above $500B for the coming years. No downward trend, just keep kicking the can down the road so someone else can deal with it. Thanks Barack. Thanks Tim. So, 11 years of war at a cost about the same as a single year of deficits today? Shut your pie hole lib, the math doesn’t work in your favor. I know, math is hard. Separating the lies from the facts takes time.

Of course, the left thinks that we can tax our way to prosperity. Harry Reid and most Democrats thinks that we can just raise taxes on the rich to make up the difference. But the math doesn’t work. Here are some basic examples that even the most stubborn of OWSers can understand.

  • Example 1: If we taxed the top 1% of Americans 100% of their income, if we took it ALL, it would generate about a trillion dollars for the government’s coffers. Of course, they would have no money to eat, or buy, or hire, but that is apparently fine to those that shit on police cars or rape their friends.
  • Example 2: Let’s try another scenario. Let’s not just raise the current tax rates of the top 5% of earners, let’s double their current rate. They didn’t earn that money, they stole it off the backs of poor hard working Americans right? Here’s how the math works on that. If we double the tax rate the top 5% earn, it would only ad about $600 billion in revenue.

So, a trillion more from the top 1% (from a completely unreasonable scenario), or $600 billion from the top 5% (another unreasonable scenario). How does that have any impact on our deficits? Sorry to yell here, BUT IT DOESN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Democrats think that as long as they have credit cards they can keep buying what they want, but someone has to eventually pay those bills. Even liberal leaning Politifact debunked Nancy Pelosi’s statement that the Bush tax cuts to the rich “have been the biggest contributor to the budget deficit.”

Social Security Is Fine

My friend went on to say that Social Security and Medicare are financially solvent. After I got up off the floor I was happy to remind him that Harry Reid has said the same thing, and he was rightfully ripped for it. Back in 2005 when the evil stupid Bush monkey said that we needed Social Security reform, some members of Congress, including Obama, ripped him for it. Seven years later, it is a financial mess, Bush was right, yet Reid and his ilk stand by their claims.

But math wins again. You cannot dispute this: In 2010, social security payouts began to exceed revenue. Same for 2011. By 2015, social security is expected to pay out $7.9 TRILLION more than it takes in. Who in their right mind can consider that position as “just fine?”

Our Troops Need To Come Home

With this I personally agree. Our bipartisan supported wars were entered with the best of intentions based on the facts we had at the time. Ignoring for the moment that there have actually been dozens of WMD attacks on our troops over the past decade (but wait, I thought they didn’t exist), lets get our troops home. Side note: For a detailed recent account of what it is like over their, go download Outlaw Platoon. It will open your eyes to both the amazing skills and bravery of our troops as well as the horrific depths of evil that live in that region.

However, a basic understanding of global politics should help you understand that we need to maintain troop presence and bases all over the world to enable protective strikes and counter measures when needed. We can’t become isolationist like Ron Paul wants and have all of our troops home. There are logistics that require us to maintain bases, planes, etc. abroad. But I completely agree that we need to get the hell out of Afghanistan.

Bush Caused All Of Our Problems

Lets assume for a moment that liberals are 100% correct. All of our problems are because of Bush and Republicans. Obama was elected as the savior of America, more more honestly because he was simply not Bush. What has he done to make things any better? Democrats controlled congress during the last two years of Bush, and had full control of the government during the first two years under President Obama. What did he do with that immense power? Did he use his smile and charisma to pass sweeping thoughtful legislation that had the best interests of America in mind? Not just no, but hell no. He passed ideological partisan garbage that stroked his own ego and paid back his network of cronies, thugs, radicals and bundlers. He campaigned on lies to get simpletons to vote for him, then he threw their support away to pursue his ideology based on his radical upbringing and his far left education and experiences.

At the end of all of this I believe history will show that Barack Obama blew one of the greatest presidential opportunities in modern history thanks to his ego and the radicals he surrounded himself with. What could have been is so far from what we have today. And if he is re-elected what we will have is even scarier.


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