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Debunking Obama Supporter’s “Big Three”

Posted by cann0nba11 on September 18, 2012

The numbers don’t lie. From every economic statistic and mathematical perspective the Obama administration has been an abject failure. But if you try to engage in rational, fact-based discussion with Obama supporters you will inevitably be presented with the three great accomplishments of the greatest president in the history of presidents.

Denial is an ugly thing. These days too many people are simply looking for sound bites and articles that support their emotions as opposed to remaining or becoming informed through useful data. Too many people think they know it all, or at least that they know more than those of use screaming about how crappy things are right now, and why they are that way. I prefer to research the issues and make my decisions based on facts.

To debunk something means to prove something wrong. So we need to set the table by listing the “Big Three” theories I intend on debunking:

  • Obama saved the auto industry: Without his actions, GM and the auto industry would have collapsed.
  • Obama gave healthcare to everyone: The Affordable Healthcare For America act provides coverage to all citizens.
  • Obama got Bin Laden: Obama’s actions in office led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

The GM bailout was a financial mistake. GM should have gone through a standard bankruptcy to allow it to restructure properly. Instead, when GM had its IPO the United Auto Workers union cashed out big time. This group, the same group largely responsible for the initial demise of GM in the first place was given 17.5% to 20% ownership of the company (depending on how you count Chrysler and GM percentages). Why? It’s the Chicago way. They got Obama elected, now its payback time. The unions made $14B while legally protected bond holders — the investors that were supposed to get paid back first — got screwed. Why did this happen? Because a legitimate bankruptcy would have voided bloated union contracts, and we all know that the president can’t have any of that happening. GM is still producing cars that people don’t want or can’t afford (oh, and they might catch on fire), and America tax payers have lost billions. And in a sign of insane behavior and true bravado, even more tax dollars are being wasted as the government is stepping in to purchase Volts with tax payer dollars to keep the dismal failure afloat. GM claims that reports of its losses are incorrect. It admits that it is losing money on the cars, but is unwilling to share the actual details with the public. Now, GM is pushing for the government to sell its ownership because it “hurts the company’s reputation and its ability to attract top talent due to pay restrictions.” Imagine that. Yet there are still people that think GM paid its loans back early. It didn’t.

Reality: Obama’s actions did nothing to help the company, they only wasted billions of tax dollars. What would have happened if GM had been allowed to go through a standard Chapter 11 bankruptcy? It would have reorganized, restructured, and replaced business leaders in an effort to improve its future. The thousands of businesses that support GM would have suffered the same way they did under Obama Bankruptcy, but they would have survived, just like the auto industry did. He did nothing but help his friends on our dime.

As far as Bin Laden goes, Obama came off of the golf course and made the call any president would have (perhaps with the exception of Bill Clinton). Our military made that happen, it took ten years and success was possible partially due to information gathered during torture. Obama admits he has a lazy streak, which might explain why he has missed so many intelligence briefings, something that most people with functioning brains recognize as a problem for the leader of the free world. Many military sources have slammed the president and shredded the official White House version of the story. Why? Because they make everything into politics that benefit Obama. He is given credit for any semblance of success and is shielded from anything negative, or the blame is placed on underlings and scapegoats.

Reality: What policy did the president enact that changed our pursuit of Bin Ladin? What new plans did he draft? What bold new direction did he forge? He didn’t. He continued the plans drafted under the Bush administration, and Bin Laden is dead thanks to our military.

Healthcare reform is a noble cause. Our medical system is the envy of the world, but its success is diluted by a massively complex and corrupt infrastructure that needs to be corrected. However, the bill as as written is a legislative clusterfark. For starters. it was written by special interests and Republicans were locked out of the process. It is massively over budget, eliminates coverage and/or increases costs for millions, decreases the doctor pool, and the best part is that the truly massive expenses don’t even kick in until 2014. For example, in 2014, “the penalty for not having insurance will be $285 per family or 1% of income, whichever is greater. By 2016, it goes up to $2,085 per family or 2.5% of income.” I know, the desire to provide medical coverage for every American has the best of intentions. But it is not financially possible. There are other things that we can do to improve our medical environment: Allow citizens to purchase insurance across state lines, enact serious legal reform with loser pays outcomes in many cases, give corporations incentives to provide coverage for the needy, tighten border security and increase enforcement of illegal immigration laws to relieve burdens on border state medical systems, work to update regulations and make the production of medicine more cost-effective, and more. But, given the vacuum of leadership in Washington D.C. today it is unlikely that anything meaningful will happen in the near future. Until then, we are stuck with unaffordable healthcare legislation and massive entitlement costs that are increasing at an alarming rate.

Reality: Obamacare was a partisan mistake. It was a one-sided power grab of a huge chunk of our economy. Despite a sickening Supreme Court ruling, the bill is a financial nightmare of which we have only begun to witness the devastation. The links above merely scratch the surface of its ugliness.

The big three: GM, Bin Laden and Healthcare are the closest thing Team Obama has to anything resembling success. But, they are not actually successes when you truly analyze them, but that means nothing to those blind Obama supporters and his lapdog media servants. They are incredibly expensive blunders sold to an uninformed electorate as good news.

Our reality is this:

Let’s ignore for the moment that Democrats ran Congress for Bush’s last two years, and therefore ignore that they get some credit for the mess Obama inherited. To me it looks like the president’s plan to put out our current economic fire involves throwing gasoline on it. Check the unemployment numbers, check the workforce participation numbers. Look at the overall health of the nation. Are we better off now? I don’t think so. Are Obama’s policies helping our country? I don’t see it. Does America care about our economic future? I don’t think so. They seem to care more about Simon Cowell or Howard Stern, or about who has talent or who can dance, or which royal family member is naked, or what Honey Boo Boo is up to.

You would think that this reality would be enough to wake most Americans up. It is not. Despite massive chaos in the Middle East, the press is intentionally ignoring that our president has no idea how to react. All they can do is try to find mistakes in anything Romney says. Today’s gaffe du jour has the liberal media in a snit (never mind that what he is saying is true). Four years ago we were told that Obama had to do something or else unemployment would be horrible and rise above 8%. It’s been that way for a long time, so we are just supposed to accept that? I refuse to. Also remember that Obama had the balls to actually say that if he was elected president that the Middle East would see America differently.

“I truly believe that the day I am inaugurated, not only does the country look at us differently, but the world looks at us differently…  I think that the world will have confidence that I am listening to them and that our future and our security is tied up with our ability to work with other countries in the world and that will ultimately make us safer.”

Yes, he actually said that. You might even call his statement one full of audacity. But he could not have been more incorrect. The Muslim world still hates America. And this administration is using harsher language to condemn the man that created the unknown movie that supposedly has sparked these protests than the language he is using to condemn the killing of our own citizens. Perhaps the fact that the attacks occured on 9/11 is just a coincidence.

Frankly speaking, our president has been a massive failure, yet the press is doing everything it can to make sure he gets re-elected by doing nothing to report his stupidity, gaffes, errors and mistakes while trying to manufacture their own from Obama’s one remaining opponent. It is shameful.

Too many ignorant people are ruining America, but we can still prevail. If you agree with anything I’ve written here, please spread the word.


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