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Let Teachers Carry

Posted by cann0nba11 on December 16, 2012

After 9/11 there was a push to allow airline pilots to carry weapons to protect themselves. This was based on the idea that there are times when bad people get into restricted areas and needed to be dealt with via lethal force. Classrooms are no different, in my opinion.

Before you freak out, I’m not talking about the open carrying of weapons in schools. My suggestion is that teachers should be able to have weapons in their classrooms and in offices that are securely locked with limited access. If an event were to happen, teachers could get to their weapons and help to diffuse a situation and minimize casualties. And perhaps twisted people would think twice about entering a school if they knew that they might meet resistance.

There is merit to the idea of adding armed security guards in every school in America. I’m not talking mall cops or parking lot security, I’m talking truly trained, well researched candidates. Think of how many retired military veterans and police officers might sign up. Think of how many parents might become more involved if they could serve in a security rotation. It’s not a perfect idea, but it is worth discussing.

The only problem with using security guards is that the bad guys will know what they look like and where they are. However, we can counter that by throwing in an element of surprise. What if teachers could volunteer to add “security team” to their job description? Require them to pass current state concealed carry laws and then have them go through more specific training that covers scenarios like we have seen in Columbine, VA Tech and now Newtown. Then give the teachers a significant bonus each semester for taking on this added responsibility.

Guns would be owned by the teachers, and they would be stored in their classrooms in locked gun safes in their desks or closets. This would prevent students from gaining access while keeping the weapons easily accessible when needed.

Opponents will say that we don’t need guns in schools. They will say that children don’t need to see this imagery (while at the same time they let their young kids play violent games targeted at teens and adults). They will say America is better than that. Maybe 50 years ago that was true, but Newtown is just another example of a disaster that could have been prevented. It is another example of how gun-free zones are the same as penning up pigs before a slaughter. It is a one-sided situation and we need to turn the tables.


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