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Obama’s “Tax The Rich” Diet Plan

Posted by cann0nba11 on December 17, 2012

Sign me up for this!

The basic premise of President Obama’s 2012 campaign was a tax the rich, make them pay their fair share argument. And now Obama and Speaker Boehner are having lots of closed door meetings (where is the transparency?) to work out a “deal” on taxes.

Allow me to cut to the chase. Let the president have his tax cuts. Don’t ask for anything. Let him raise the rates on the wealthy from 35% to 39%. Let the Bush tax cuts expire. Why? Because doing so won’t help our economy one bit, nor will it help our deficit or the unemployment rate. Doing so won’t stop food prices from rising, or housing values from falling.

But it will kick millions of Americans right in their wallets. And this is the only thing that matters to most Americans.

It has been widely publicized that allowing the tax rate to rise on the rich will generate $824 billion in savings over ten years. Ignoring for a moment that this amount is less than a single year of Obama deficits, the CBO estimates that the first year of tax savings will be $42 billion.  How much is that? What portion of Obama’s budget is that exactly? It amounts to 1.1%. To put this in terms most of us can easily understand, take a look at the following image.

tax_burger Our budget needs a diet, and the president thinks he has the answer. His “tax the rich” diet is the mathematical equivalent of removing three french fries from your every day Big Mac medium combo. Three fries. If you throw in the caloric impact of letting the Bush tax cuts expire on the middle class, you go right ahead and take out another ten fries. Wow! Eat your heart out Richard Simmons!

Do you like pizza? This Obama diet is awesome. By taxing the rich you can take off 1/8 of a slice of pepperoni. Not 1/8 of the whole slice of pizza, just 1/8 of one of one individual pepperoni slice. The Bush tax cuts ending for the middle class? Take of an entire half of a slice of pepperoni meat. tax_pizza

If you want to think in terms of beer, the Obama Tax The Rich  and Stop Drinking Program equates to no more than the spittle at the bottom of the cans in that six pack you just finished. Letting the Bush tax cuts expire on millions of middle class Americans equates to filling up a shot glass with beer and then drinking the rest of the six pack. ::burp:: Yee haw!

Taxing the rich more serves no purpose other than to appease people that have no idea how our economy work or how jobs are created. It embodies the president’s class warfare “spread the wealth around” mindset that sounds great in liberal college classrooms or in community organizer meetings. It is not based on anything close to reality, and the president’s plan will do nothing to help our nation. So let him have it. Sure, some of us will pay more now. But maybe this is the kick in the pants that millions of Americans need to wake the heck up and become more involved and aware about our political environment.

Bon appetit!


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