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Feinstein’s Victim Parade An Epic Failure

Posted by cann0nba11 on January 24, 2013

I watched much of the Diane Feinstein gun grabapalooza today and found myself cursing more often than any person should. It was nothing but an emotionally driven power grab based on nothing resembling legitimate data or reality as we know it today. There were so many deceptive statements, so many red herrings and straw men presented, yet I’m sure there were plenty of Americans clapping and cheering every time a Democrat said the word “children” or asserted that we “had to do something now.” Truly pathetic.

As the cherry on the top of this shameful crap sundae, a handful of victims were paraded to the podium to share their stories and help prove that Diane Feinstein and her supporters truly have the best interests of Americans on their mind.

Below are the people and their stories based on their brief commentary on C-SPAN today. (Click here to view the video of this portion of the broadcast)  Remember that the goal of this “Assault Weapons Ban Bill” circus is to prevent future tragedies by making it harder or impossible to buy certain weapons.

  • Laurie –  Her daughter was killed by someone with a gun that she says had a “high-capacity” magazine. We know Democrats like to twist words so that they fit a given agenda, such as calling the Fort Hood Massacre a “workplace shooting” or renaming “gun control” legislation “gun safety” legislation. Based on this and comments from earlier in the gun grab festival, we don’t know if she was referring to a 33-round magazine, 16-round, or even a 10-round magazine. She used the term “high capacity magazine” on purpose. Furthermore, she failed to specify if the gun was an assault rifle. My guess is that she did not, because it was not.
  • Pam & Bruce – staffers for Gabby Giffords, one was shot in chest. They failed to mention that Giffords and the others were shot with a Glock 19 handgun. It had a high capacity 33-round magazine, but it was still a handgun.
  • Collin – VA Tech shooting survivor, shot four times.
  • Omar – His sister was killed at VA Tech.
  • Lilly – Was shot at VA Tech, mentioned a call for “gun safety” legislation.
  • Umalu – Her father was killed at VA Tech.
  • I would like to point out that the VA Tech shooter used a Glock 19 with standard 10-round magazines. The gun was legally purchased despite his massive mental history record. The law prevented his mental history from being included as part of the background check process.
  • Maya – Her Father was killed in Minneapolis workplace shooting – Gun not specified.
  • Unnmaned gentleman – Referred to Thousand Oaks, CA where his parents were killed as “Americas safest city”. The gun used in the murder was not specified, and I find it intensely ironic that the final victim in Feinstein’s pity party parade actually mocked the strength of the gun laws in that city. His final statement basically said “GUN LAWS DON’T WORK, IF THEY DID MY PARENTS WOULD STILL BE ALIVE.”

Please note that I am in no way trying to belittle their suffering or their losses. But none of the new legislation being proposed by this panel would have prevented any of the crimes listed above. Yet Feinstein (someone who once admitted how safe she felt carrying her own gun), felt compelled to use these people as pawns in her disgusting game.

Unlke many of my liberal counterparts, I welcome the chance to be corrected, so hit me up on Twitter @Loud_Talker or use the contact form on the About Me page to send me your opinion. Every death is tragic, but gun laws are as effective as prohibition was and as immigration laws are today. I am for improving the background check process in a rational manner based on technology. I am for reasonable waiting periods. But I am not for confiscation, mandatory registration, or background checks on ammunition purposes. Why should I be allowed to have an AR-15? Because I can. In America you do not have the right to not be offended. If you want to DEBATE the topic, let’s do it Congress. But I refuse to sit around and listen to a bunch of Democrats tell me how it is going to be. We get that enough from our president, I expect better from the rest of our representatives.


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