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Gun Talk: We Need Perspective, Not Passion

Posted by cann0nba11 on April 7, 2013

The year 2012 is being called by some on the Left as “The Year Of The Gun.” Emotions generated by the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook launched a political frenzy of useless legislative activity. As often is the case, well-intentioned people are willfully ignoring facts and logic in order to get their way. This is also known as Standard Operating Procedure for the Obama administration.

As hard as it is for anti-second amendment people to admit, gun laws do not work. We all agree that the Sandy Hook tragedy is indeed a horrific tragedy. But, none of the 40+ laws Adam Lanza broke prevented it from happening. And if he didn’t have access to the guns his mother legally owned, he would have found guns another way. If laws worked they way many Democrats thought, we could end the suffering of the homeless by making it illegal to be homeless. Prohibition didn’t work. The drug war has been a dismal failure. Creating new gun laws is a waste of time and is dangerously distracting Congress away from dealing with the serious issues facing all Americans today.

Let’s get down to some facts. According to the FBI (using the most recent five years of complete data – 2007-2011)

  • The number of murders in the U.S. has decreased by 15% (from 14,916 to 12,664)
  • The number of firearms murders has decreased by 15% (from 10,129 to 8,583)
  • The number of people killed by handguns in 2011 was 6,220
  • The number of people killed by rifles in 2011 was 323.
  • The number of people killed by shotguns in 2011 was 356.
  • That same year more murders were committed by knives (1,694), hands, fists and feet (728) and blunt weapons such as clubs and hammers (496), than by rifles of any kind.

Despite the information above, Senator Feinstein is carrying out her own assault on our constitutional liberties by trying to pass radical gun restrictions. Her war on scary “assault” rifles is moronic at best. Why? Because as I’ve shown above, murders involving rifles make up less than 3% of all gun-related murders. She, like so many others, is latched onto the emotions of a classroom full of dead children and is unable to think rationally. Consider the following.

Using the same FBI data, about 24 people are murdered by firearms every day in America. Of those 24 victims, 23 were murdered by handguns. (to be fair, they were murdered by bad people using guns, not by the guns themselves). But because 20 children were killed in a school we suddenly need sweeping legislation to ban guns that some people are scared of? Why are politicians focusing on less than 3% of these gun-related deaths? Is it because the kids murdered were all grouped together in an affluent town? Dare I mention that Newtown is 95% white? Why do these victims deserve more attention than the 24 people murdered every day in America, 23 of them shot with handguns?

The president recently said “if there’s even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there’s even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try.” Apparently his answer is to focus on a small fraction of the victims because it is easier. He is unwilling to face the reality that his adopted home city is one of the worst in the nation with regard to gun deaths. He is unwilling to face the reality that the public cares more about the second amendment than about Democrats trying to get re-elected. He is unwilling to take on the difficult topics of mental health reform, inner city violence, gang violence, drug violence, and the declining moral values brought about by crumbing families and the profit-focused hypocritical entertainment industry that glamorizes violence and destructive behavior to no end. He would rather find people to blame instead of bring people together.

We have serious cultural issues and economic issues to fix. All of this political time and energy is being wasted on laws that will do NOTHING to solve the problem. Perhaps our politicians should be focusing on things like jobs and the economy instead?


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