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Yes, there were WMD in Iraq.

Posted by cann0nba11 on June 10, 2013

As more and more scandals rise to the surface of this disgusting cesspool known as the Obama administration, the die-hard supporters on the far left are really getting testy. Some have realized that they were mesmerized by a charismatic politician and regret it. Many others have simply checked out due to the constant negativity and hypocrisy on display. But there are is a shrinking yet annoyingly loud minority that remains, and all they are left with is their now subconscious pre-2008 verbal ticks. “There were no WMD.” “Wars we can’t afford.” “Bush lied, people died.” It is sad, really, but the First Amendment applies to everyone. At least for now.

So let’s jump right in. Here is an account from “SEAL Target Geronimo“, an excellent first-hand accounting of the raid that killed Bin Laden. I know that there are Marines out there angry that the book was published, but it is because of their code, not because there are factual problems with the book. I’m not a fan if ignoring the truth simply because it was delivered by someone you don’t like.

May 13, 2003: The tech quickly identified the improvised explosive, a 155 mm artillery shell, painted with a faded yellow band. The shell was maybe twenty inches long, a steel cylinder truncated into a tapering arch. A digital clock taped to the shell had stopped at 11: 30. Without incident, the bomb tech attached a “disrupter,” a countercharge designed to separate the main explosive shell from the smaller, electrically activated blasting cap connected to the clock. The tech returned to cover, radioed “fire in the hole” and set off the disrupter using a remote firing device. There was a small, sharp crack as the disrupter blew off the clock and battery, rendering the roadside bomb safe. The bomb technician doffed her protective suit and walked forward with her partner to inspect the IED. Per standing orders, they would collect what was left of the shell, watch, and battery. The pieces would be studied and logged, and details of the incident would be added to the growing catalog accumulated by the FBI’s Bomb Data Unit.

As they approached the curb, both technicians could smell a sweet, flowery odor, not unpleasant, something like the smell of Juicy Fruit chewing gum. The first tech was close enough to see a puddle of amber colored liquid rolling against the curb. He knew immediately what it was, and he waved his partner back. By now, there was a ringing in his ears and his vision started to wash out— the sunlight seemed suddenly blinding, the result of his pupils dilating uncontrollably. The artillery shell placed against the curb did not contain high explosives, but a deadly nerve gas called sarin. And now both techs had been exposed. The bomb tech tried to yell a warning, but could only stumble backward and fall. His partner grabbed him under the arms and dragged him back toward the Humvee. She laid him out and fumbled in the cargo pocket of her trousers for an atropine serette. The serette was a spring-loaded syringe containing valium, atropine, and obidoxime. It was now her only hope of saving him. His eyes rolled wildly, the pupils huge and black, and his hands began to shake and clutch as the muscles in his body locked up. The tech slammed the serette into his leg, and then pushed a second one into her own thigh. She told the infantry guys to get away from them— they were both now contaminated. She told the lieutenant to lead the patrol away, upwind, and radio battalion they had been exposed to nerve gas.

There is more about this topic in the book, I encourage every history buff to read it. The author also mentions the Wikileaks document dump from 2010; 492,000 classified U.S. documents relating to the war in Afghanistan. From these documents we have learned that since 2004, Al Qaeda has carried out at least one hundred chemical attacks on coalition forces in Iraq. Most attacks used “re-purposed” chemical warheads from Saddam’s arsenal— nerve gases and mustard gas.

The obvious follow up question to this? “Why didn’t the press jump all over this?” There are two reasons, one for each party, as explained by Melanie Phillips in April, 2007. (Note: Phillips originally wrote the article for The Spectator, which ran her political blog. She left them in 2010, so the complete article is no longer available there.)

The Republicans won’t touch this because it would reveal the incompetence of the Bush administration in failing to neutralize the danger of Iraqi WMD. The Democrats won’t touch it because it would show President Bush was right to invade Iraq in the first place. It is an axis of embarrassment. If the purpose of the American intervention in Iraq was to remove the threat of Saddam’s WMD it has backfired, dreadfully. Clearly, there is a major disconnect between public perception, media reporting, government admissions, and truth on the ground. For the administration and the media, the mantra “we didn’t find any” remains preferable to the admission “we have armed the enemy.”

OK, so both parties are ignoring the existence of WMD. Shocking, yes, but not unexpected given the quality of our current political representation these days. So, the next obvious question is “where did the WMD go?” The answer comes to us from the second highest ranking general in the Iraqi Air Force under Saddam Hussein. He was interviewed by Larry Elder in 2006.

Elder: “What happened to the chemical and biological weapons?”

Sada: “The chemical and biological weapons were available in Iraq before liberating the country, but Saddam Hussein took the advantage of a natural disaster that happened in Syria when a dam was collapsed and many villages were flooded. So Saddam Hussein took that cover and declared to the world that he is going to use the civilian aircraft for an air bridge to help Syria with blankets, food and fuel oil, and other humanitarian things, but that was not true. The truth is he converted two regular passenger civilian aircraft, 747 Jumbo and 727… all the weapons of mass destruction were put there by the special Republican Guards in a very secret way, and they were transported to Syria, to Damascus, by flying 56 flights to Damascus… In addition… also a truck convoy on the ground to take whatever has to do with WMD to Syria.”

Is this starting to make sense? And as we fast forward to today, this all might explain where Syria got the WMD that they are now using on their own people. I’m sure they will stop because our president has drawn a red line. Oh wait, they’ve crossed that red line. I guess that’s how we define “leading from behind?”


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