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What Happened Between Martin and Zimmerman?

Posted by cann0nba11 on July 10, 2013

This trial has been a mess. No big surprise, when the media gets involved early on to generate ratings, it can’t help but muck things up. This has been a farce of a trial, both sides have made mistakes, but to most rational people this trial is over and Zimmerman will be a “free” man. Then the fun will begin. But that’s not what this post is about.

I think I have a decent idea of what actually went on between Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Martin should still be alive today, and Zimmerman should still be an anonymous neighborhood watch guy.

But that didn’t happen. Mistakes were made and a boy was killed. Zimmerman was wrong to follow the kid. But you know what probably happened? Here’s my guess based on years of people watching, reading, and plain old life experiences. Dig down deep into your reality filter and hear me out.

Zimmerman was frustrated about recurring vandalism in his neighborhood. Far too often local cops don’t give much care about actually solving problems, they are content generating revenue for their local municipality by issuing citations to people with expired inspection stickers or license plate light bulbs that are out. (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything). So Zimmerman decides to play mall cop, a big mistake. He see’s someone in a hoodie in his neighborhood, someone not normally walking the streets there. Most people that live in your typical neighborhood can tell if someone walking the streets alone is not from there, and these days you have to be vigilant and aware (been there done that myself). My own neighborhood has been vandalized, I have been robbed, and I have walked my neighborhood after seeing suspicious people or vehicles on our street. That’s just the way things are today in America.

So, Zimmerman decides to follow the hoodie, Martin notices this, gets nervous about being followed and starts thinking about the situation. “Who’s following me, what will he do if he catches me. I better get my guard up.” So when Zimmerman makes it to Martin, Martin goes into self-preservation mode to ward off his stalker. Nothing wrong with that, many of us would probably do the same thing.

And you know what? I bet Zimmerman backed down. I bet he got up to Martin and saw a kid taller than him and decided to back off. But by this point, Martin is scared, and/or angry, and now he wants to get into this chubby cat’s face, because he is ticked that he was scared and now wants to release some stress.

So, now Martin is getting in Zimmerman’s grill. He’s pissed and has a chance to kick some ass. They exchange some words, Martin gains the aggressor position, and then he sucker punches Zimmerman. Knocks him on his butt. And then the fight starts in earnests and Martin snaps. He starts bashing ZImmerman’s head into the pavement. At this point, now it’s ZImmerman that is reacting instinctively. They continue to struggle, he’s losing bad and fears for his life as his head is being smashed into the pavement (see photos of his injuries), and then the shot is fired. Done. Tragic. Preventable. But not murder.

The press gets a hold of the story, and because it is “white” versus black, it trumps all of the dozens of murders that took place that same month in America. Forget that Zimmerman is Hispanic. Forget that Martin was 5’11” while the press ran with the five year old photo of him as a 12yr-old cute kid., not the @no_limit_nigga in your face persona he was living out as an older teen. The image of the pre-teen cute little boy is the image most of America first saw and still retains in memory today. Once again, the media is largely responsible for shaping public opinion instead of reporting the news, and the media continues to make this a racial issue.

This trial, like the Rodney King incident in 1991 or the OJ verdict in 1995, will certainly make waves, and probably lead to outbreaks of violence. For some reason a certain segment of our population will get violent and decide that breaking windows and stealing stuff is the proper response to what they perceive as an injustice. And this is our reality. I just hope nobody else dies because George Zimmerman decided to follow someone and because Treyvon Martin chose not to let it go.


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