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Shutdown? ::yawn::

Posted by cann0nba11 on October 3, 2013

Prior to the current government shutdown there have been 17 other shutdowns since 1976.

  • Five of them lasted eight days more.
  • The longest was 21 days and happened under Clinton.
  • The next five longest all happened under Carter (ranging from 8-17 days).
  • Three of Carter’s happened even though his party controlled both the House and Senate.
  • There were fourteen shutdowns under Reagan, the longest was 3 days.
  • There were no shutdowns under GW Bush.

17 shutdowns since 1976

Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that “the cupboard is bare.” Someone get her to a hospital, because obviously there is a shortage of oxygen reaching her brain. The government is spending $3.4 trillion and she has the audacity to make this statement? Folks inside the beltway have lost their minds, and too many folks outside the beltway aren’t using theirs.

Emotion is the enemy of critical thought, and the combination of a woefully biased ratings-focused liberal media plus a politically ignorant populace is leading America down a scary path. Rome is burning, this shutdown is a symptom of a much larger problem.


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