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Just Another News Day In Our Obamanation

Posted by cann0nba11 on October 29, 2013

I often find myself talking to friends and coworkers about how crappy things have become lately. My liberal friends still like to talk about “wars we can’t afford” while ignoring wildly reckless spending here at home at levels far greater than the cost of our wars. They like to chortle about how stupid GW Bush was while ignoring how poorly the current president performs sans teleprompter. They dream of affordable healthcare for everyone (at least for all poor Progressives) while having no factual or mathematical understanding of the problem.

And when I point out the many problems we face, caused by our president and his hand-picked cabinet, I am called a racist. Bush is blamed. Ted Cruz is blamed. “Republicans shut down the government!” (no, Harry Reid and President Obama did that.)

I see today’s passionate Obama supporter as battered wives. You know the type, the woman that gets beaten all of the time, so she calls 9-1-1 for help, but when the police arrive and handcuff her thug husband she starts yelling “get your hands off my man, pig!” Yeah, that’s the sort of denial today’s Obama supporters are living in.

So I figured I would gather a few headlines from today to help my friends recognize our actual reality. Sort of an intervention, or maybe just a dose of our peril. Just a little bit of peril.

CBS: The Obama Administration knew all along that Benghazi was a terror attack.

LA Times: The Middle Class in deep blue California are suddenly realizing that their healthcare costs are rising.

More from CBS: More than 2 million people are losing their coverage (or 3X more than are actually buying it right now).

LA Times: Foreign leaders upset at US spying on them. Oops… looks like the State Department approved spying on allied leaders. (of course, like most every other problem lately, President Obama had no idea it was happening)

NBC: The Obama administration knew three years ago that millions of Americans would not be able to keep their health insurance. But they lied about it for three years because Obama wanted it.

The lady running the entire healthcare roll out is going to blame the government contractors for the problems, it is their fault they did not live up to government expectations, it is not the governments fault at all. Of course not, the government is perfect.

I know… this is all just racist banter. Nothing to see here. Did you know that President Obama and Jay-Z hang out sometimes?

Note: I gathered these headlines from, a great place to find conservative data with plenty of source links. If I said this at the beginning of this post most liberals would have stopped reading, because what the words say means nothing; it’s all about who is saying them that matters.


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