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100 Ways To Annoy A Liberal

Posted by cann0nba11 on November 2, 2013

A friend posted a list of 100 Things To Say To Annoy A Republican. It’s a funny list, and probably accurate too. We tend to get annoyed when people lie, rewrite history, attack us, or just act like juvenile jerks. So, I decided to counter with my own list. Surprisingly, it didn’t take as long as I thought… understandable given the current political environment I have to work with. And just to be clear, most of these items are actual facts, but some are just for fun.

100 Things To Say Or Do To Annoy A Liberal

  1. Disagree with President Obama.
  2. Mention Ronald Reagan.
  3. Sarah Palin was right.
  4. Carry out the death penalty.
  5. Convict war criminals.
  6. “Hey, isn’t Guantanamo still open?”
  7. Point out the many flaws in Michael Moore’s films.
  8. Reminding them that opposing nuclear energy in the 70s helped perpetuate our dependence on Middle Easter oil.
  9. Pray.
  10. Democrats started the KKK.
  11. Obama’s father was a communist radical.
  12. Republicans ended slavery.
  13. Join the NRA.
  14. Criticize radical Islam.
  15. Use Obama’s middle name.
  16. Fight to protect the unborn.
  17. Hunt.
  18. Mention church charity.
  19. Valerie Jarrett had more security than the four Americans killed in Benghazi.
  20. Remind them that the carbon-burning engine helped us build our nation.
  21. Remain gainfully employed.
  22. Bomb the Middle East.
  23. Point out that George Bush’s Crawford Ranch is an environmentalist’s idea of heaven, while Al Gore’s mansion is a nightmare of excess and waste.
  24. Eat red meat. Grill it using charcoal when possible.
  25. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.
  26. Talk about shrinking government.
  27. Global Warming, point out that Mars, Jupiter and other planets are also experiencing the same, slight increase in temperature, which NASA attributes to increased solar radiation.
  28. Remind them that Fox News has the highest cable news ratings.
  29. Confuse them with logic and facts to support your position.
  30.  “Merry Christmas!”
  31. Praise stay at home moms.
  32. Homeschool
  33. Carry a gun.
  34. Question the validity of Obama’s birth certificate.
  35. Point out how Al Gore helped to invent a carbon credit trading market where he could make billions of dollars off of his weird science.
  36. Point out the lies and faults in Al Gore’s movie.
  37. Praise Capitalism.
  38. Teach your kids how to shoot guns and hunt.
  39. Stand up when you hear the National Anthem.
  40. Show them a picture of Obama bowing to the Saudi King.
  41. Tell them how the Founding Fathers were Christians of all sorts.
  42. Bring up the massive amount of financial and medical aid George W Bush has provided to AIDS victims in Africa.
  43. Tell them Bill Clinton lied under oath.
  44. Treat them with respect when they are yelling at you at a protest.
  45. Fly the flag.
  46. Obama is using more drones than Bush did.
  47. Drive a big car.
  48. Support Israel.
  49. Charity is by choice, not a mandate.
  50. Suggest putting a fence on our southern border.
  51. Wasn’t Bill Clinton the first black president?
  52. Ask why Obama’s college transcripts are sealed.
  53. Point out that the worst cities for crime in American have been run by democrats for at least 40 years.
  54. Brag about Texas.
  55. Talk about how Jimmy Carter started the housing bubble with the creation of the CRA.
  56. Bring up Rush Limbaugh.
  57. Make fun of the president’s golf habit.
  58. English should be our national language.
  59. I’m cool with Obama’s black half, it’s his white have that really pisses me off.
  60. Profit is good.
  61. Point out the massive flaws of Obamacare.
  62. Bring up the ACORN scandal.
  63. Point out the political correctness throughout the movie Avatar.
  64. Discuss how gun laws don’t work.
  65. Jimmy Carter’s creation, the Department of Education, is a massive failure.
  66. Who ended the Cold War again?
  67. Our military got Bin Laden, not Obama.
  68. God Bless America!
  69. Conservative women are hot.
  70. Clinton passed on two chances to take Bin Laden out.
  71. Ten years of “wars we can’t afford” cost less than one year of Obama deficit spending.
  72. Bush and Clinton each prosecuted more than 1000 financial criminals. Obama? Zero.
  73. Quote Glenn Beck.
  74. I don’t remember Reagan whining about the mess he inherited.
  75. Point out Sharia Law “honor” killings that have happened in America.
  76. Unions are no longer needed.
  77. Being gay is a choice.
  78. The first woman elected to Congress was a Republican.
  79. Race has nothing to do with it.
  80. Requiring a photo ID to vote is not racism.
  81. Waterboarding provided the info needed to find Bin Laden.
  82. You don’t believe in God, but you believe in the Big Bang?
  83. The first black Congressman was Republican.
  84. Obama started his campaign in a domestic terrorist’s living room.
  85. When was the last time you saw a Conservative turn Liberal?
  86. It’s a life, not a choice.
  87. Chappaquiddick. (only the older libs will react to this one)
  88. MLK Jr. was a Republican.
  89. Obama/Reid shut the government down, not the GOP.
  90. Call the president “Barry.” It was good enough for him in college, right?
  91. People on welfare are lazy.
  92. I’ll give Obama as much respect as you gave Bush.
  93. The Sun affects our climate, not people.
  94. Democrats fought for “separate but equal.” Republicans ended it.
  95. Guns don’t kill people.
  96. Unlike OWS, the Tea Party is made up of peaceful, law-abiding patriots.
  97. Despite 9/11 and the dot-com crash, America was trending back toward zero deficit, until Democrats took over in 2006.
  98. Obama is the “food stamp president.”
  99. Hey, look at that all of that debt!
  100. Jesus loves you.

I could keep going, easily, Feel free to add your own in the comments section.


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