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I’m A Music Snob

Posted by cann0nba11 on December 20, 2013

I’m a music snob. My opinions about music are based on the quality of the music, the form, the chords, the originality, and are backed by decades of musical training and experience. The one caveat I should point out is that I rarely listen to lyrics, and lyrics often make the song for the listener. I”m in it for the groove, the interaction, the form. It takes a special lyric to capture my attention.

That being said, let me frame my opinions on music with my Top Ten list of over-rated musicians (not in any particular order):

  • The Grateful Dead: The music sucks. It is simple music for simple minds. There is a joke about the band that sums it all up for me: What did the Dead Head say when he ran out of drugs? “God, this music sucks!”
  • Neil Young: I just don”t get it. His music is like raw tofu: boring, dull, lifeless. He should spend more time with his trains.
  • The Rolling Stones: C’mon… what have they done since the 1960”s? Satisfaction (1965), Honkey Tonk Woman (1969), Time is On My Side (1964)… those are fun party songs. The Stones put on an awesome show but the music is so vapid. They’ve made a bajillion dollars, kudos for that.
  • Tom Petty: Very boring… tunes are three/four chord wonders, no brain needed. ::yawn::
  • Bruce Springsteen: His voice does nothing for me, nor does his music.
  • Elvis Presley: Trash that made it big. One walk through his mansion proves this.
  • The Beatles: GASP!! Sacrilege! I said it. Yes, I think The Beatles are over-rated. They wrote some great tunes (Let It Be, Hey Jude, Yesterday), but I think all of the hype that surrounded their arrival in the U.S. was because the music scene sucked back then. The previous four number one Billboard his in the U.S. were Singing Nun – Dominique, Dale and Grace – I”m Leaving It Up To You, Nino Tempo and April Stevens – Deep Purple, and Jimmy Glimer and The Fireballs – Sugar Shack. Who?
  • Nirvana: The patriarch of whiny teenagers. The soundtrack to all that is wrong with our country today. Famous thanks to MTV. Interesting harmonies, but the attitude and angst is a little over the top. Grow up.
  • U2: Anything worth listening to since the early 1980s? Another band living off of a twenty year old reputation. Probably popular thanks only to the rise of MTV.
  • The Doors: Other than the innovation of keyboardist Ray Manzarek, this band was hugely overrated. They were the Nirvana of their time. Whiny angst against the world… with a bad drug habit as the only real legacy.

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