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A Note For You Lefties

This site is a reflection of my opinion.

I am exercising my right to free speech.

Stick the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ up your ass.

There is simply no arguing the fact that most major networks and print outlets are liberal. I know that it frustrates you to no end that conservative talk radio has been wildly successful since the removal of the so-called fairness legislation. There’s this little thing called ‘supply and demand’ that you might want to check out. Liberal talk radio has failed because the public doesn’t want to hear it. Conservative talk radio has flourished because it fills a much needed gap in the airwaves. Radio stations exist for profit, and you can’t sell advertising time if people don’t listen to your station.

Liberals think that more government is better. People are not responsible for their own actions, let government think for you. National health care? Screw that… think about the DMV, then tell me how the government will make health care better, safer or more efficient. Sure, Michael Moore’s pappy gets his social security checks every two weeks, but is that the best example of governmental efficiency the world’s loudest liberal could come up with?

Social Security is bankrupt. Medicare is bankrupt. Tax code is insanely complex. Politicians are robbing all of us for their own benefit. Our main focus as citizens should be on ensuring that we have a country to live in, and then minimizing government’s role in managing the greatest country on Earth.

Since 9/11 I’ve become very aware of current events, politics and the world in general. I used to be a liberal, but 9/11 helped me realize what is truly important in life. I believe in working hard to better yourself and to enable others to better themselves. Welfare should be a temporary program, not a way of life. Minimum wage is not meant to be a living wage. Citizenship is a privilege not a right.

So if you’ve made it here you are either a friend or you’ve found me based on a post I’ve placed on one of several political blogs and message boards. I like to debate, I like to challenge. Don’t come at me with name calling, come at me with facts. Don’t talk to me about victims, talk to me about people that can overcome obstacles. If your opinion is based on solid facts you should welcome debate, not stifle it.

If you have a problem with America, do something about it.


9 Responses to “A Note For You Lefties”

  1. Doc Gibbs said

    As a no-excuses, do for yourself, forget “The Man” and victim mentality black conservative, I LOVE HOW YOU THINK, MAN. Can’t wait to read more. Found you through links on AOL’s Hot Air blog.

  2. R F said

    Hey, I don’t agree with you but I do appreciate your passion and honest speak.

  3. good neighbor said

    Thanks for saying what I was thinking! I really appreciate your honest and fair concerns with this great country. You can almost count on a zombie-like blathering of political correctness from just about every politician and memeber of the media these days. It is absolutely sickening. I also heard you play the sax out in San Antonio-you are one of the best! Please keep up the good work. Go Pats!

  4. You know whenever someone says I used to be a liberal my reaction is always yeah right!

    “There is simply no arguing the fact that most major networks and print outlets are liberal”

    This is not a fact. That is your opinion. It is also a republican talking point.
    Liberals believe government should help people. That’s it. It’s not about more govt it’s about better govt. Conservatives believe govt is the problem; we see what that philosophy has brought us over the last 7.5 years.

  5. cann0nba11 said

    Ed… my friend. I have to disagree with you and back this up with some surveys and studies. Check out these articles for more info. Liberal bias is acknowledged by the press itself, but here are some good talking points for the future. 🙂

    NYT memo

    War coverage

    Several other bullets

    How the media votes:

    White House Reporters

  6. colleen said

    Just wanted to say thank you. I am a twenty nine year old female who finally decided who I am going to vote for….and It is NOT obama. I am saddened that most people my age feel the need to sweep such “moral” issues under the rug. It makes me sad. I will no longer bite my tongue while my peers try to criticize and patronize me for loving my country and family values. I will forward this site to my family members and friends. God Bless the USA and spare us from the wrath of obama setting foot in the house

  7. The media’s bias is toward the sensational and the trite.

  8. Kay B. Day said

    Well, I’m a bona fide expert on media. I’ve made my living in it for a long time. It swings left. For sure. And media’s bias is also dictated by publicists, unions and academics.

  9. entropyforever said

    I would suggest that as a group, liberals are more likely to recognize that most important issues are not simple. GWB, Reagan and Nixon all trumpeted their contention that they had the answer to our problems and we should just let them solve them. Both Reagan and GWB blew off their so called fiscal conservativism to “Borrow and Spend” and give us huge deficits. Nixon was just a crooked egomaniac .

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