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Another Day In Our Obamanation

Posted by cann0nba11 on December 20, 2013

Here are some highlights from the past day or two of Obama news. This is the tip of the political news iceberg, yet Obama supporters want you to believe that Phil Robertson is news, or that the economy is doing great.

  • CBS: Top official wanted site shut down over security risks but was overruled due to politics
  • Washington Post: Obama administration ignores its own laws because of epic failure (the word it differently of course)
  • Reuters: GDP revised upward, but still unimpressed given that 2% of the 3.6% growth is inventory growth, not actual sales. Stripping out inventory growth the economy grow LESS than the previous quarter, at 1.9% instead of 2.0% the previous quarter.
  • Baba Wawa finally admits what the press believed in 2008 about Obama
  • Progressives still have boners over the bullshit Iran deal, while ignoring the fact that Iranians walked out on negotiations last week and now we are talking about more sanctions. His supporters probably still think Obama convinced the Olympic Committee to move the event to Chicago.
  • Weekly jobless claims are back up to Obama levels, the most recent number is 379k, an increase of 10k.

But there is some good news:


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11 Ways Barack Obama is Way Worse Than George W. Bush

Posted by cann0nba11 on November 29, 2013

I’m posting this Kyle Becker article from the Independent Review Journal here because I can’t stand the “click on the next photo to read more” format. 🙂

11 Ways Barack Obama is Way Worse Than George W. Bush
Kyle Becker | On 30, Aug 2013

1. Spending

Both were profligate spenders. While Bush had Medicare Part D, and largely unfunded wars, President Obama has doubled down with an $812 stimulus package and ObamaCare – which has been taxing us without providing benefits. Obama signed onto the 2009 budget exploding spending, which he only slightly scaled back. While W’s average yearly deficit was $250.7 billion, President Obama’s has been $1.273 trillion, and he has racked up over $6 trillion in national debt. Yet Obama once called Bush’s debt “irresponsible.” Now, about job creation…

2. Job Creation

Both had recessions to deal with. W. came into office with a recession after the dotcom bubble burst and then 9/11 hit. However, he was able to generate 52 straight months of job growth, before a housing market collapse. Obama’s average unemployment has been 8.8% (Bush’s was 5.27%), labor force participation rate is at the lowest since Oct. 1978 at 63.4%, without the benefit of much job growth – the country has netted 270,000 jobs since 2009, and the majority of Obama’s job creation has been temp & part-time jobs. No hype, no contest. Okay, let’s talk about war…

3. War

While W’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan had bipartisan backing, and with prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi having stated their beliefs that Iraq had wmds, Obama feels he has the authority to send troops to potentially die for the country without Congressional representation. Joe Biden said W. should be impeached if he unilaterally took the U.S. to war with Iran, but the Nobel Peace Prize winning president may do it twice with Libya and Syria, while racking up 74% of the U.S. fatalities in Afghanistan. What about civil liberties?

4. Civil Liberties

The Patriot Act was opposed by Democrats and many Independents, Libertarians and libertarian-leaning Republicans, even in the aftermath of 9/11. Obama warned about the Patriot Act as a Senator in 2005, but signed onto it twice as president, without major alterations – by autopen. On Guantanamo Bay, he promised he would shut it down in his first year in office, but it remains open. And as far as domestic spying, the Bush-era breaches of Constitutional protections can’t touch Obama’s brazenly lawless NSA programs like PRISM. How about corruption?

5. Corruption

While the main bone of contention for Democrats that Bush was corrupt was the refrain of Haliburton and no-bid contracts, President Obama too hired Haliburton subsidiary KBR with a no-bid contract worth $568 million. Additionally, the mantra “No Blood for Oil” proved to be an ill-founded concern when post-liberation Iraq was opened up for oil contracts. President Obama passed a massive healthcare package, like Bush, but exempted many unions and friendly corporations, not to mention politicians like himself. Obvious green energy kickbacks for party supporters include Solyndra, BrightSource, and NRG Energy. The stimulus package was rife with pet projects and pork. This leads into scandals…

6. Scandals

The most egregious scandal of the Bush era was Abu Ghraib, which ran as a headline on the New York Times frontpage 47 times. Fast & Furious has drawn allusions to similar programs under Bush; however, the “gunwalking” under Obama led to untracked “assault rifles” falling into the hands of drug cartels, which promptly used them to murder hundreds of Mexicans and border patrol agent Brian Terry. Benghazi, seen as an unacceptable scandal by many, is where a US ambassador was murdered with no serious rescue operation ordered until much later… after stand down orders halted rescue protocols. The IRS’ profiling of conservative groups, and the NSA’s illegal surveillance programs, are also scandals that are not perceived to be “phony” to the majority of the informed public, as polled. Now, let’s look at a key campaign promise…

7. Lobbyists

Lobbyists were said to be a main problem in Bush-era by the Obama administration, and Obama promised to put an end to it upon his arrival to Washington. Yet he continued hiring lobbyists and even secretly met with them off-the-record. Additionally, members of Obama’s economic team were plucked from Wall Street, and particularly, from Goldman Sachs, like Treasury Chief of Staff Mark Patterson, after the financial titan lucratively backed his first election. As for another big deal that makes Bush seem like a piker…

8. Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers have been suppressed more under Obama than under any other president. The current Commander-in-Chief has gone after multiple whistleblowers in the NSA, including Edward Snowden. Witnesses to Benghazi have been hidden from public questioning, and the #2 man in Libya Gregory Hicks was ostensibly demoted for even talking to Republican Congress members about what happened. The administration has unleashed the DOJ on the ATF, journalists at the AP, and Fox News reporter James Rosen. Back to the economy…

9. Economic Inequality

Economic inequality has worsened under Obama. As Emmanuel Saez found, under Bush from 2002 to 2007, the top 1% of earners captured 65% of all income growth. Under Obama from 2009-2010, the top 1% captured 93% of all income growth in the country. It could be posed that this widening disparity is a reflection of regulatory barriers to small business growth being erected in the private sector, the tax write-offs and loopholes for corporations that still persist (including in green energy), and the flood of easy money that is channeled to Wall Street, but erodes the value of the dollar on Main Street. Need I say more? So this leads naturally to GDP growth…

10. GDP Growth

George W. Bush’s real GDP or economic growth was a subpar 1.67% (the historical average from 1980-2000 was 3.405%), but President Obama is the worst post-WWII president in such terms at 1.075%. In fact, in the last quarter of 2012, the economy Obama helps set policy for experienced negative GDP growth of 0.1%, also known as “contraction.” This year, the Obama reworked the formula the government uses to come up with GDP growth numbers by adding Hollywood movies and other intellectual property sources to the equation. Finally…

11. Race Relations

Race relations seem to be getting worse under President Obama, contrary to expectations upon the election of America’s first black president. While there are no sound reasons to believe George W. Bush’s policies were substantively racist – it seemed a foregone conclusion that relations would improve under Obama. However, only 10% polled by Rasmussen believe race relations are improving. President Obama may share King’s “dream,” but as far as his record goes, it is too often being judged by the color of his skin, and not by the character of its content.

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Another Day In Our Obamanation

Posted by cann0nba11 on November 19, 2013

The ACA rollout, a.k.a. Obamacare, has been a disaster. Actually, that might be offensive to the word disaster. It has been more of an unmitigated government-only pile of manure. Here are just a few of the healthcare headlines from this week.

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Just Another News Day In Our Obamanation

Posted by cann0nba11 on October 29, 2013

I often find myself talking to friends and coworkers about how crappy things have become lately. My liberal friends still like to talk about “wars we can’t afford” while ignoring wildly reckless spending here at home at levels far greater than the cost of our wars. They like to chortle about how stupid GW Bush was while ignoring how poorly the current president performs sans teleprompter. They dream of affordable healthcare for everyone (at least for all poor Progressives) while having no factual or mathematical understanding of the problem.

And when I point out the many problems we face, caused by our president and his hand-picked cabinet, I am called a racist. Bush is blamed. Ted Cruz is blamed. “Republicans shut down the government!” (no, Harry Reid and President Obama did that.)

I see today’s passionate Obama supporter as battered wives. You know the type, the woman that gets beaten all of the time, so she calls 9-1-1 for help, but when the police arrive and handcuff her thug husband she starts yelling “get your hands off my man, pig!” Yeah, that’s the sort of denial today’s Obama supporters are living in.

So I figured I would gather a few headlines from today to help my friends recognize our actual reality. Sort of an intervention, or maybe just a dose of our peril. Just a little bit of peril.

CBS: The Obama Administration knew all along that Benghazi was a terror attack.

LA Times: The Middle Class in deep blue California are suddenly realizing that their healthcare costs are rising.

More from CBS: More than 2 million people are losing their coverage (or 3X more than are actually buying it right now).

LA Times: Foreign leaders upset at US spying on them. Oops… looks like the State Department approved spying on allied leaders. (of course, like most every other problem lately, President Obama had no idea it was happening)

NBC: The Obama administration knew three years ago that millions of Americans would not be able to keep their health insurance. But they lied about it for three years because Obama wanted it.

The lady running the entire healthcare roll out is going to blame the government contractors for the problems, it is their fault they did not live up to government expectations, it is not the governments fault at all. Of course not, the government is perfect.

I know… this is all just racist banter. Nothing to see here. Did you know that President Obama and Jay-Z hang out sometimes?

Note: I gathered these headlines from, a great place to find conservative data with plenty of source links. If I said this at the beginning of this post most liberals would have stopped reading, because what the words say means nothing; it’s all about who is saying them that matters.

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When Being Pro-Choice Hurts Pro-Choicers

Posted by cann0nba11 on July 18, 2013

So Planned Parenthood is shutting down three clinics in Texas because of the new law signed by Governor Perry.

Boo friggin’ hoo.

Please notice that there is no business explanation given as to why the clinics are being shut down other than claiming that upgrading to meet the new requirements would cost millions of dollars.

Boo friggin’ hoo.

Funny how liberals like to sing and dance when legislation is passed that will cause entire industries millions or billions of dollars to comply, such as laws that punish companies under the fact-less guise of saving the planet. Hooray when the Keystone Pipeline gets blocked by the Obama administration despite the jobs it will generate and the fuel it will provide to Americans that need it to get to work every day or purchase goods that are shipped using evil carbon burning engines. Hooray for boycotts that shut businesses down that they don’t approve of such as cake shops or photographers. But damn it, get out of my vagina, don’t take away my abortion center!

Planned Parenthood received $542M in taxpayer support in 2012, about 45% of its annual budget. This is up from $487M in 2011 and $363M in 2010. In 2011 it performed 334,000 abortions, it’s best year ever. Congrats on that, can’t wait to see the 2012 numbers.

According to the official Planned Parenthood web site, there are 56 centers in Texas, 42 that provide abortions. Sorry, I mean “family planning” services. Melaney Linton, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, said “It is a travesty that Texas politicians are stripping healthcare from women across the state, harming lives and unraveling the health care safety need that has taken decades to build.”

Harming lives? How does requiring abortion centers to meet basic medical standards that hundreds of other ambulatory heath facilities have to meet count as “harming lives?” Frankly speaking, how dare you use that phrase given that your organization ends an average of 915 lives every day. The  immense stupidity and hypocrisy of that statement is quite illustrative.

And for those that were concerned that the 30 mile hospital requirement of the law was going to be a problem (clinics have to be within 30 miles of a hospital so that patients can be admitted in the event of medical emergencies), in the case of the Bryan, Lufkin and Huntsville clinics, the nearest hospitals are 1.5. 0.5 and 0.3 miles away, respectively.

Let me educate you to the real reason these clinics are closing. It’s all about choice. Abortion supporters prefer to be called “pro-choice,” right? Well, Planned Parenthood is choosing to shut down these three centers. They are choosing not to spend the money needed to upgrade these facilities to meet the new requirements. They are choosing to give up and shut down. They are choosing not to seek private donations or other funding sources. They are choosing to ignore and neglect the women in their regions. Sounds to me more like a legitimate war on women conducted by people more concerned about finance than about helping women.

If Ms. Linton and her peers actually cared about the communities they served, perhaps they would seek financial help or review their own finances to see what could be done. Perhaps they could petition George Soros, or Bill Gates, or Oprah Winfrey or any of the pool of millionaire Hollywood stars that support their cause. Maybe they could launch a massive Kickstarter program. But they choose not to. They choose instead to close down three clinics to make a political statement.

You want choice, enjoy your choices.

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Texas Senate Bill 5: Abortion Not Popular In Texas

Posted by cann0nba11 on June 26, 2013

I’m seeing lots of angst on the left over the failed filibuster of Texas Senator Wendy Davis (District 10). She did her best to prevent Texas Senate Bill 5 from passing, but came up a couple of hours short. That’s how the process works, both parties are fond of the filibuster when they are in the minority. Imagine that, pro-life laws are popular in Texas.

I’m struggling to see what the problem is with this bill. My motto is “emotion is the enemy of critical thought,” and often you can find emotions clouding reason when hot button topics like abortion, or voter ID, or immigration reform are discussed. As evidence, consider the childish act of Houston Democrat Senfronia Thompson hanging a wire coat hanger on the microphone while voicing her opposition to the bill earlier today. When you can’t win on facts, act like a fool to get attention.

I read the SB5 bill this evening, give it a shot yourself, it’s not very long. If you want the Reader’s Digest version, allow me.

The main point of the bill is to ban abortion after 20 weeks when there is medical evidence that the unborn can feel pain. The bill does not make abortion illegal, it makes abortion illegal after 20 weeks. In my opinion, you should know within five months whether or not you want to have an abortion. At five months a fetus can make facial expressions, it can hear the mother’s heartbeat and voice. The fetus has regular sleep/wake periods, and at five months parents can go to their doctor to get an ultrasound and determine what color to paint the nursery. But for folks like Sandra Fluke, abortion is just a more complex form of birth control than tax-payer funded contraception or condoms. To their ilk, a baby is an inconvenience. I wish every woman that thought this way could speak with one of the many women out there unable to get pregnant.

A recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll shows that 46% of Texans think abortion should either be illegal or only legal in the cases of rape, incest or when there is danger to the life of the mother. Thirteen percent approve if need is clearly established (but the study does not define “need”). Furthermore, banning abortion after 20 weeks — one of the provisions of SB5 — has the support of over 62 percent of Texas residents. Remember, this is a Texas law.

Here is my own summary of the sections of this bill. I’m not a lawyer, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express. I defer to my lawyer friends for corrections.

  • Section 1: Provides for safety by requiring that physicians performing abortions have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles; provides the patient with contact information for the physician and staff for post procedure follow up needs; and provides contact information for a hospital near the patients home just in case problems arise and she requires immediate medical attention. My take: this is all about making sure that the physician is legit, it helps to ensure that patients are safe, not victims (see Kermit Gosnell).
  • Section 2: Modifies an existing Health and Safety Code by defining Abortion inducing drugs, how they can be administered, requires that doctors administer them, and requires that physicians follow up with their patients within 14 days. My take: This is about drug safety, patient awareness and patient safety.
  • Section 3: Amends the section of the Texas Health and Safety Code about minimum medical standards to require that abortion facilities meet the same medical and safety standards of other medical facilities. Abortions are serious and still legal, therefore they should be performed under safe conditions that meet proper medical standards. My take: This is about patient protection.
  • Section 4: Repeals a Health and Safety code section 245.010 that Section 3 defines.
  • Sections 5 and 6: Legal mumbo jumbo about how other laws can/cannot affect this particular bill.
  • Section 7: Makes current facilities not in compliance with health standards of other medical facilities have to be compliant by 1/1/14.
  • Section 8: Makes the law effective immediately if a 2/3 vote is achieved, or in 90 days if not.

That’s it. It should be noted that there are 42 abortion clinics in Texas, and only five meet current standards for ambulatory surgery centers. That means 37 clinics may be sub-par or lack safety and cleanliness features that one should expect from a place where surgery is performed. In Texas today women travel an average of 43 miles to get an abortion. People up north may consider that a long drive, but in Texas we call that a daily commute. The press is already reporting that “37 of 42 clinics will be forced to shut down.” Really? You’re telling me that they can’t update their facilities to meet proper medical safety standards? They can’t relocate if needed to be closer to hospitals? Do they care so little about their patients that they would rather close up shop than do the work needed to remain in business? Could it be that they are more interested in making money and that all of this angst is, dare I say, faux? Could they actually be capitalists at heart chasing after profit? Oh, that is some rich irony right there folks.

So why all the angst? This bill is meant to protect women and their unborn children. It does not make abortions illegal, and if it takes you five months to figure out that you want an abortion, you have some serious issues.

It is sad that the left only seems to care about life when it involves cute fuzzy animals or obscure insects on land where liberals want to prevent construction. Killing your child is ok, but don’t you dare eat that chicken sandwich! Do you have any idea how much those chickens suffer? If liberals cared about life, perhaps they would express outrage that while blacks make up about 12% of our population they account for 35% of all abortions (according to the CDC). You could say that the least safe place for a black baby is in the womb. Harsh, but true.

Consider these words from a minister fond of racial justice;

In other words, the net effect of putting abortion clinics in the urban centers is that the abortion of Hispanic and Black babies is more than double their percentage of the population. Every day 1,300 black babies are killed in America. Seven hundred Hispanic babies die every day from abortion. Call this what you will—when the slaughter has an ethnic face and the percentages are double that of the white community and the killers are almost all white, something is going on here that ought to make the lovers of racial equality and racial harmony wake up.

Tell me again how SB 5 is a threat to women? Look at the numbers. Also consider the irony that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a racist who worked with Nazis and others who wanted to purify the human race and wanted to sterilize those she deemed unfit for our society. Today Planned Parenthood is defended by scores of emotional folks claiming to represent women’s rights while ignoring the thousands of babies killed every year. They are unwilling to look at the facts or even admit that Planned Parenthood is primarily in the business of abortions.

SB 5 passed one step, and barring unforeseen surprises should be signed into law this month. There will be screaming and cries of a war on women, but they will ring hollow to anyone willing to think clearly about the subject. Besides, this is a Texas law. If you don’t like it you are free to move somewhere else where the laws suit your fancy.

Note: While researching this post I found this informative and better written write up on the bill than my own little blurb here. The author does an excellent job of pointing out liberal tactics and media bias.

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Yes, there were WMD in Iraq.

Posted by cann0nba11 on June 10, 2013

As more and more scandals rise to the surface of this disgusting cesspool known as the Obama administration, the die-hard supporters on the far left are really getting testy. Some have realized that they were mesmerized by a charismatic politician and regret it. Many others have simply checked out due to the constant negativity and hypocrisy on display. But there are is a shrinking yet annoyingly loud minority that remains, and all they are left with is their now subconscious pre-2008 verbal ticks. “There were no WMD.” “Wars we can’t afford.” “Bush lied, people died.” It is sad, really, but the First Amendment applies to everyone. At least for now.

So let’s jump right in. Here is an account from “SEAL Target Geronimo“, an excellent first-hand accounting of the raid that killed Bin Laden. I know that there are Marines out there angry that the book was published, but it is because of their code, not because there are factual problems with the book. I’m not a fan if ignoring the truth simply because it was delivered by someone you don’t like.

May 13, 2003: The tech quickly identified the improvised explosive, a 155 mm artillery shell, painted with a faded yellow band. The shell was maybe twenty inches long, a steel cylinder truncated into a tapering arch. A digital clock taped to the shell had stopped at 11: 30. Without incident, the bomb tech attached a “disrupter,” a countercharge designed to separate the main explosive shell from the smaller, electrically activated blasting cap connected to the clock. The tech returned to cover, radioed “fire in the hole” and set off the disrupter using a remote firing device. There was a small, sharp crack as the disrupter blew off the clock and battery, rendering the roadside bomb safe. The bomb technician doffed her protective suit and walked forward with her partner to inspect the IED. Per standing orders, they would collect what was left of the shell, watch, and battery. The pieces would be studied and logged, and details of the incident would be added to the growing catalog accumulated by the FBI’s Bomb Data Unit.

As they approached the curb, both technicians could smell a sweet, flowery odor, not unpleasant, something like the smell of Juicy Fruit chewing gum. The first tech was close enough to see a puddle of amber colored liquid rolling against the curb. He knew immediately what it was, and he waved his partner back. By now, there was a ringing in his ears and his vision started to wash out— the sunlight seemed suddenly blinding, the result of his pupils dilating uncontrollably. The artillery shell placed against the curb did not contain high explosives, but a deadly nerve gas called sarin. And now both techs had been exposed. The bomb tech tried to yell a warning, but could only stumble backward and fall. His partner grabbed him under the arms and dragged him back toward the Humvee. She laid him out and fumbled in the cargo pocket of her trousers for an atropine serette. The serette was a spring-loaded syringe containing valium, atropine, and obidoxime. It was now her only hope of saving him. His eyes rolled wildly, the pupils huge and black, and his hands began to shake and clutch as the muscles in his body locked up. The tech slammed the serette into his leg, and then pushed a second one into her own thigh. She told the infantry guys to get away from them— they were both now contaminated. She told the lieutenant to lead the patrol away, upwind, and radio battalion they had been exposed to nerve gas.

There is more about this topic in the book, I encourage every history buff to read it. The author also mentions the Wikileaks document dump from 2010; 492,000 classified U.S. documents relating to the war in Afghanistan. From these documents we have learned that since 2004, Al Qaeda has carried out at least one hundred chemical attacks on coalition forces in Iraq. Most attacks used “re-purposed” chemical warheads from Saddam’s arsenal— nerve gases and mustard gas.

The obvious follow up question to this? “Why didn’t the press jump all over this?” There are two reasons, one for each party, as explained by Melanie Phillips in April, 2007. (Note: Phillips originally wrote the article for The Spectator, which ran her political blog. She left them in 2010, so the complete article is no longer available there.)

The Republicans won’t touch this because it would reveal the incompetence of the Bush administration in failing to neutralize the danger of Iraqi WMD. The Democrats won’t touch it because it would show President Bush was right to invade Iraq in the first place. It is an axis of embarrassment. If the purpose of the American intervention in Iraq was to remove the threat of Saddam’s WMD it has backfired, dreadfully. Clearly, there is a major disconnect between public perception, media reporting, government admissions, and truth on the ground. For the administration and the media, the mantra “we didn’t find any” remains preferable to the admission “we have armed the enemy.”

OK, so both parties are ignoring the existence of WMD. Shocking, yes, but not unexpected given the quality of our current political representation these days. So, the next obvious question is “where did the WMD go?” The answer comes to us from the second highest ranking general in the Iraqi Air Force under Saddam Hussein. He was interviewed by Larry Elder in 2006.

Elder: “What happened to the chemical and biological weapons?”

Sada: “The chemical and biological weapons were available in Iraq before liberating the country, but Saddam Hussein took the advantage of a natural disaster that happened in Syria when a dam was collapsed and many villages were flooded. So Saddam Hussein took that cover and declared to the world that he is going to use the civilian aircraft for an air bridge to help Syria with blankets, food and fuel oil, and other humanitarian things, but that was not true. The truth is he converted two regular passenger civilian aircraft, 747 Jumbo and 727… all the weapons of mass destruction were put there by the special Republican Guards in a very secret way, and they were transported to Syria, to Damascus, by flying 56 flights to Damascus… In addition… also a truck convoy on the ground to take whatever has to do with WMD to Syria.”

Is this starting to make sense? And as we fast forward to today, this all might explain where Syria got the WMD that they are now using on their own people. I’m sure they will stop because our president has drawn a red line. Oh wait, they’ve crossed that red line. I guess that’s how we define “leading from behind?”

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Understanding Church Charity

Posted by cann0nba11 on May 3, 2013

During lunch today someone sitting near me was talking about visiting the Vatican. She commented with angst “look at all of the gold on the ceiling, how many poor people could they feed with that?” This instantly reminded me of a comment my dad said years ago. He complained that the church could sell its art work and donate millions to the poor, and that they were hypocritical for not doing so.

It’s easy to tell other people to do with their money, when you have no reason to complain other than your emotional hate for the church. It’s easy to redistribute, to point out how you would spend it if it was your own. And, it’s easy to criticize the Catholic church because you know doing so won’t result in your head being cut off or getting stoned to death.

People continue to battle the church, including the president. His healthcare laws forced the Catholic church to choose between coverage and their morals, then last year he changed his stance (one of his myriad flip flops), and then recent modifications to the law shifted the decision away from churches and put the choices on the insurance companies now. In other words, instead of the faith-based employers or churches paying for contraception coverage, either the insurers or the government will pick it up. So, the same moral dilemma occurs, but now the church just isn’t paying for it.

Remember, the left enjoys attacking the church and loves to point out the horrific atrocities that occurred hundreds of years ago. They love to point out horrible mistakes made by a very small percentage of priests, while at the same time they dare not speak out against radical Islamic practices such as stoning women to death because they were raped (Muslims call that adultery). They ignore how radical Muslims burn homosexuals alive, or regularly beat their women. (Remember, in Islam, women are somewhere between slave and a free person.) Liberals dare not take on the traditional black Baptist population, one that is largely opposed to gay marriage. Instead they pick on the Catholics, an easy target. You know what that sounds like to me? Bullying.

Let’s take a look at just how much the Catholic church helps the world.

  • The Catholic Church was founded long before there were hospitals. Today, nearly one-sixth of all hospital patients in America is taken care of by a Catholic hospital.
  • Catholic hospitals are ahead of other hospitals in a wide range of public health and specialty services traditionally considered “unprofitable.”
  • The Catholic Church teaches 3 million students a day: in its more than 250 Catholic Colleges and Universities, in its more than 1200 Catholic High Schools and its more than 5000 Catholic grade schools.
  • Every day, the Catholic Church feeds, clothes, shelters and educates more people than any other organization in the world.
  • At least ninety-three Catholic Charities adoption agencies can be found online; they are nationwide and have placed thousands of babies into loving homes since the 1920s.

Churches all over the world serve as a refuge to the poor, the needy, and the destitute. Yet in America there exists a rising tide of anti-church hatred, despite all of the good that the church performs. At the same time Americans are being asked to embrace Muslim practices in America, whether it be burqa day at school, or ignoring Muslim honor killings in Texas, or sweeping stories about the New Jersey hate crime of beheading Christians under the rug, or calling the Boston bombers lone wolves, or calling the Fort Hood massacre an incident of workplace violence. Remember, we are not at war with anyone, all of that stuff going overseas is just workplace violence.

So before you consider a liberal anti-church rant, or before you rush to dismiss terrorist activities in America, consider the following. The Catholic church is by far the most giving global charity in both human volunteer time and billions of dollars every year. Meanwhile,

  • Have you ever been tended to in a Muslim hospital?
  • Have you benefited from a Muslim charity?
  • Have you ever seen a Muslim gay pride parade?
  • Have you ever visited a Muslim women’s shelter?

If you think the Catholic church could do a better job with charity, or that it should lose tax-exempt status, check your premise. Then again, if you tend to say these things, you probably believe that the government would do a better job of spending money than the church.

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Our Classless President – Delegation for Chavez, not Thatcher

Posted by cann0nba11 on April 16, 2013

There are rules of etiquette in the world of national leaders. There are things you and don’t do. Sadly, the past five years have been a living case study in how not to conduct international relations for our president.

Today we learned that Obama has no plans to send an official delegation to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Speaker of the House John Boehner had to step up to get this obvious political responsibility properly addressed.

While this might be infuriating on its own merit, the piece de resistance is that our Nobel laureate president felt compelled to send a delegation to the funeral of the America-hating tyrant Hugo Chavez.

Makes perfect sense in our upside down world.


Let me remind the world of just a few of the non-reported gaffes of the worst president in our nation’s history (presented in no particular order). I had to stop at 15… I could double this list quite easily, but I think you get the point.

  1. Obama said it would be so much easier to be the president of China. As one official put it, “No one is scrutinizing Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square.” Maybe because they would be shot for exercising free speech?
  2. Caught on an open microphone. French President Sarkozy: ’I don’t want to see him anymore, he’s a liar.’ President Obama, You’ve had enough of him, but I have to deal with him every day!Stay classy, Mr. President.
  3. Even Mrs. Obama is not immune. Apparently the first lady didn’t listen to her protocol team when visiting the Queen in 2009. You do not touch the queen.
  4. Includes Nazi collaborator/Hitler admirer in proclamation for Jewish American Heritage Month
  5. Declares Polish freedom fighter Lech Walesa “too political” to accept award, gives another to Dolores Huerta, chair of Democratic Socialists of America. Freedom too political, Socialism just dandy.
  6. 2009 Noble Prize winner Obama hosted a state dinner for the Chinese premiere Hu Jintao, the same human rights violating guy that was holding the 2010 Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo under house arrest.
  7. Starts toasting the Queen of England way too early and embarrasses himself in the process. Watch the pain here.
  8. Obama’s crack protocol team strikes again. A dinner to honor leader from South Korea features an all Japanese menu.
  9. Not international, but still disgusting: Sends form letters to families of SEALs killed in action, yet fins time to send a personal letter to family of rapper Heavy D.
  10. No time to meet with Israeli Prime MInister Netanyahu, makes time for the Pimp with a Limp radio show. Seriously?
  11. Three words: “Polish Death Camp.”
  12. Any rational person recognizes that the killing of Bin Laden was a massive military victory. But he was not found by a president or congress, he was found thanks to the efforts of our stellar military carrying out plans launched by President GW Bush and rightfully continued by President Obama. You would think after such a lengthy effort that a president would tip his hat to his predecessor, Nope, not this one. That would be classy. It took a week for the administration to acknowledge the former president, and even that was delivered by an aide, not Obama himself.
  13. Tries to kiss Burmese political leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi
  14. Completely blows the world leader gift exchange with England. Receives antique desk carved from the wood of a slave ship to match the desk that Kennedy had. Gives the queen a DVD box set of top American movies.
  15. Who can forget the blatant ass kissing bow to the Saudi King? World leaders do not bow.

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Happy Tax Day – Taxing The Rich Still Won’t Work

Posted by cann0nba11 on April 15, 2013

For some reason, the president and his supporters believe that the solution to our financial woes is to simply have rich folks like him pay just a little bit more in taxes. They don’t see massive governmental overspending as overspending. And, if you consider the fact that the president expects Americans to think that the impact of a 2% sequester cut will cause mass hysteria, you are also expected to accept the idea that current government spending is just barely enough to keep America going. So how much will raising taxes on individuals?

Take a look at this chart:Taxes3

In 2010, the Federal budget called for $3.6 trillion in spending with the expectation of $2.3 trillion. Of that $2.3 trillion, $950 billion (47%) came from individual income taxes. Within this group the top 10% of earners (people making more than $116k/yr), paid 45% of all personal income tax revenue, totaling $427B.

Let’s put aside for the moment the obvious question of “why does our government need to spend, in one year, $1.3 trillion more than it expects to take in. And, let’s also ignore the fact that this single year of governmental overspending costs more than ten years of those evil Bush “wars that we couldn’t afford.”


The chart above shows that even if we double the tax rate for the top 10% of taxpayers, it would have only a modest effect on the deficit, the gap in spending versus revenue would still be $800 billion. I think it is important to note that even that $800 billion dollar gap after soaking the rich and middle-income Top 10%-ers is still more than twice than that of any previous president, with the single exception of the massive bailout spending authored by Democrat-controlled Congress and signed by lame duck president Bush in his last year.


Today, Obama’s new budget (his first in four years), calls for spending $3.7 trillion with only $2.4 trillion in revenue expected. Yes, every year this administration has offered trillion dollar deficits. This year it’s a gap of $1.4 trillion. For some perspective, even if we doubled EVERY American’s taxes (from $950B to $1.9T), we would still have a gap of $500B just for this year. And that $500 billion gap is still more than any previous president.

Bottom line, Obama math doesn’t work. We cannot tax our way into prosperity. If you get results from stimulus, the results go away when the stimulus funds run out. We need real economic change, not divisive ideological rhetoric. We need to stop arguing about gay marriage. We need to stop legislating useless anti-gun legislation. We need to start using our brains.

If you think that we can fix our problems by taking more money away from Americans, you are not opening your eyes, you are letting emotions cloud rational thought. There is simply NO way that asking the rich to “pay their fair share” will have any impact on our financial situation.

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