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I’m just a 40-something patriotic citizen that needs to vent in order to keep my head from exploding. I was born in New England but got to the great state of Texas in 1984 and have loved it. I’m as Texan as the natives will let me be… married a Texan, she gave birth to two little Texans, I’ve got the truck, the dog, the guns, and the love for quality Tex-Mex, breakfast tacos, barbecue and freshly killed venison.

Reading my posts might make you think I’m a lifelong conservative, any liberals reading this will probably think I’m a racist Tea Party nut job. Fact of the matter is that I consider myself conservative, but I lean libertarian, and I used to lean center left, not center right. For example, I voted for Bill Clinton both times, and GW Bush neither time. I voted for Romney both times because I felt he was the best candidate at the time that the elections rolled around. Perfect? Of course not, but he had legitimate, relative experience in both 2008 and 2012. McCain is a war hero, but was a crappy presidential candidate, and in my opinion the religious right derailed our chances in 2008 thanks to Huckabee’s refusal to exit the race due to his personal grudge against Romney, plus the well-intentioned yet out of touch seniors that fell for McCain’s war hero status. (See, I told you emotions screw things up)


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